Monday, October 28, 2013


we went to a halloween party on saturday and she picked up a little cold, so we have been staying inside, watching a few movies, playing with every toy we own, drinking lots of fluids, and taking steamy showers. you really wouldn't know she was sick- the drooling and faucet of a nose tips her off, but other than that... you wouldn't know. aaron and i know she's sick, because we no longer sleep at night. but she cuddles more- so i'm not totally mad.

i am reminded of where we were last year about this time. we were in such a different place. mentally & physically. rorie was three and a half months old. we were still such novice parents. we didn't know what we were doing. we were so sleep deprived- both us and rorie. it was a time of turmoil for our family. rorie had horrible acid reflux. we had just been told about about milk-protein intolerance. our baby was growing taller, but gaining no weight. when i look back at the pictures of her first three months it's incredible how sick she looks. it makes me feel sad that we didn't know about the answers until it was too late. baby girl was diagnosed as failure-to-thrive. it's such a hard thing to hear as a new mom. especially hard when i wasn't yet healed myself from birthing her into the world. mama and baby were so sick. we were barely surviving, but we were- surviving. i credit a lot of our success to aaron and my mom. always there for me and rorie. never letting us hit rock bottom. and then, around this time last year, baby girl spent a few days in the hospital with an eye infection that "children don't get" (direct quote from our ER doctor). we all came out ok. we survived.

and if you click on the links and look back at the pictures of my tiny sick baby... you'll see quite a difference from then to now. i took these pictures two days ago when the light was just right. little miss was sitting at the table eating dinner. i am amazed with the daughter we have been given. she's just the most wonderful thing and we have gotten through a lot together. i want everyone to meet her because she will make you feel so good about life. and she will make you smile. and she'll probably wrap her tiny little hands around your neck and pull you in for a nice long hug. because that's just how she rolls. i love you, my baby girl.


  1. Beautiful. I am so glad you guys have gotten through that. You are an amazing mom Chelsea! I love this "she'll probably wrap her tiny little hands around your neck and pull you in for a nice long hug..." So sweet.

  2. Once you're through it, it's easy to forget the hard stuff. But it's great to look back and be thankful to have such a happy and healthy Rorie and Chelsea!!