Wednesday, April 16, 2014


on saturday afternoon we had the best experience while walking through town. as you may have seen on instagram, rorie loves to stop and watch the ballerinas. they have a spring performance at the end of the month, so there's been a lot of dancing. on this day we could hear the ballet music out in the square, so we asked rorie if she wanted to go see the ballerinas. of course she was game. so we unbuckled her and she hopped out of the stroller. the door to the dance studio was open and the dancers we actively practicing their routine. as we peeked in one of the male dancers told us we could come and sit in the window sill and watch. rorie had a smile pasted on her face. it was so wonderful to watch her light up. she heard the piano and violin music and thought it was the music from frozen-haha. she watched them toe-dance and twirl and then said "ee wana dance" and tried to squirm her way out of aaron's arms to join the girls on the dance floor. of course, we had to leave then because she wasn't going to get her way, but i will never forget how welcoming they were to us and how much she enjoyed everything about being in that humid dance studio.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


the above pictures really recap our last week and a half. overall it was great. i'm really starting to fall in love with our new town. it has a lot of great little shops and restaurants, a free bus system, and our neighbors tell us about the great things to come when it gets warm. like a farmers market, kids activities, and bands on thursdays. i can't wait for that! we've gotten a bank, signed up to be members at the local co-op food store, tried a church, and have ventured out to kid playgroups.

aaron worked his first 12 hr shift. we haven't had him gone during the day before because he only worked nights in chicago. it's weird that i prefer the night shift... but i do. he might actually be on night shift after orientation is completed.

the weather has been beautiful and rorie and i have gotten out a lot. it's been nice to use the stroller again. we've started to go to a library playgroup. little lady loves the library. we go at least 3 times a week and pick out new books and a movie. her first trip to the library was complete sensory overload. not only was it the first thing we have done with other little kids, but it was the first time we had been to the library. she was bonkers. running everywhere. excitedly taking books off the shelf. she could NOT focus on one thing. everything was new and exciting... and then her first structured playgroup. sit in a circle and sing a few songs, then sit for a book, then play with toys. our first time there we only got through the songs before rorie had to leave. she also did not sit for the songs. and not for my lack of trying. it's kind of hard when mama no longer has a lap for you to sit i don't really blame her. plus- she loves music and dances to it constantly... so that's exactly what she did. i was that mom who just lets her kid run around and be crazy. but i'm also that pregnant mom... so what do you expect from me? all the parents were chuckling at my dance-in-your-face child... and then she got overwhelmed when a kid next to us had a snack and she didn't and started screaming... so we had to leave in a fit of tears. don't worry... our second try at the playgroup was more than successful. we did leave about 10 minutes early... but that was because i was really hungry for lunch :) haha. true story.

we've been busy getting our house put together. two rooms in our new house are peach...trying my best to make our stuff work with peach. trying to fall in love with peach. it's actually looking pretty good in rorie & jacob's room, so that's a plus. i'm excited to share our place with you soon. 

we are getting ourselves ready for the summer guests and our new baby boy... who we are told is head down now! phew! i was actually a little worried... but he seems to be in a great position to make his appearance in a month and a half!

next week we will travel down to touisset to be with my grandparents and cousins for easter. i'm very excited to be back in RI and just have some quality family time. it's been a while.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


preparing for my #2 is a little different than with my #1. i have a frame of reference. i know what i like and what i don't. i know what gadgets make life a little easier and what is just a waste of an idea. and we just moved almost half way across the country. it makes preparing a little harder.

so i've come up with just a few things we'll need in preparation for baby jake's arrival:

vue cups: we got a brand new keurig for christmas this year. and it's the next up and coming thing for the company. they use vue cups instead of k-cups. it's actually nice. you can get bigger, stronger, and iced drinks and part of the cup is recyclable. i really hope they end up switching most of their machines to this system... because i think it's much more clever. i like all the teas and aaron's a fan of the caribou coffees. haven't tried the latte option yet, but i know he wants to.

muslin blankets: i only had a couple muslin blankets when rorie was born. we mostly had swaddling blankets- which i conveniently turned into cloth wipes. they shrunk in the wash and didn't really keep her swaddled well. enter the aden & anais muslin blankets. jaw drops at their awesomeness. they're big, soft, beautiful, and do. their. job. which is really the only thing i ask a baby product to do. i want to get this set and this set.

swaddle sacks: we absolutely loved the swaddlers we bought rorie. it literally helped her sleep well. we did a fantastic double-swaddle with the muslin blankets and the swaddle sack. absolute perfection. until she started rolling herself over while swaddled (and that was the end of the swaddle). since we had to blow our money on formula we don't have many. it will be wonderful to have a few more of these.

cloth diapers: we are still cloth diapering rorie and i'm very excited to keep doing it with jake. we have a few newborn cloth diapers that i didn't have with rorie so we can start from birth. we love bum genius 4.0s and are probably going to need a few more (and probably some more detergent). i don't foresee rorie being potty trained by the time we have the new baby. that's just a lot for mama & daddy & baby girl to handle. so more cloth diapers it is! i'm thinking of greens, reds, and blues for colors. what do you think?

bamboobies: i plan on nursing til i'm an old lady. breastfeeding didn't go as planned with rorie, but i've armed myself with knowledge and a bit of experience this time. i'm seriously in such a different spot education wise when it comes to breastfeeding and the problems that may arise. along with that... i know that i'll leak and need a quality pad to keep myself sane. i love, love, love bamboobies and plan have enough of a stash to keep myself sane.

crib sheets: we picked up a used mini crib that matches rorie's crib. it's really cute and it's a good investment for our family down the line. rorie will be in a crib until she can't fit in one anymore... that's just a guess, but i really believe it. and i'm  totally down with that. but little man will need a place to sleep too (i'm not equipped to co-sleep one bit- mama just can't get any sleep that way). so we're going to need some sheets. i think i want to make my own- since it's a mini-crib the sheets seem to be very expensive. lame. i've picked out three different fabrics. here, here, and here. if i've learned's to have 3 of everything. after that we're good to go crib-wise.

a new andy: well, rorie has andy... her little stuffed partner in crime, so of course we want jacob to have his own little friend. we've picked out beauregard the wolf (the name may or may not stick).

a few clothes for after baby: last time around i bought myself a few shirts to wear after rorie was born. i'd like to do the same this time around because it really helps you feel like a new person. and i'll need comfortable clothes that my weird post-baby body will fit into and ones that will simultaneously be easy to nurse in. i'd like to get a few of these shirts, maybe some of these, or these, and maybe a dress for when i'm feeling pretty.

and i think that will do it for the stuffs. i'm thinking i want to make a bunch of homemade snacks as well as buy some prepackaged ones for after baby is born. and i've made a pinterest board here of things i'd like to make to freeze. it's slightly difficult to find dairy-free freezer meals out there! it seems like everything under the sun is doused in cream sauce or cheese. oh well... i've found a few good ones i think. made two meals last week :)

***if anyone feels inclined to purchase a gift in preparation for baby jake's arrival we have two registry spots of items we really need. one is over at if you do buy off this registry, feel free to use this code: FFR19618220140306 to get an extra 15% off. pretty snazzy! and the other registry is at ***

Friday, April 4, 2014


i'd like to take a small minute to look out my back window. the first picture was our view from our third floor apartment in chicago. the second is our current view in nh.

there's so much i love about the bottom picture. i love that it's light that early in the morning. i love the colors of the trees. the way the houses look so old and worn. and the power lines are just perfection. mmm... i don't miss our chicago view at all.

have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


i've been going through the worst emotional roller coaster lately, but more on that later. i don't really want to even think back to the happenings of last week. i will in time... but for now... i'm moving on.

today i'm thinking about our sweet boy. we went to our new midwife last week and they think he is transverse or sideways in my belly. at this point... we want him to be head down. so think plummeting thoughts for him.

i've been looking at a lot of freezer recipes. i'm trying to find things that are dairy-free for the most part or paleo... since that's my preferred way of eating anyways. i've been doing really bad not eating dairy during this pregnancy. and i've been paying the price... but cheese and ice cream- it's just so good. i stumbled across this article about why cheese is so addicting. makes sense... dang cheese. anyways, i have had some very good luck with slow cooker recipes, muffin recipes, and a bunch of other goodies. i'm going to get started on a few to freeze later this week.

i've been doing a lot of unpacking and trying to get the house in order. rorie and jacob will eventually share a room and it's finally coming together as it is in my head. which is nice... since that hasn't been the case for the whole move here.

rorie and i are adjusting to life here as well. we really miss our friends back in chicago. she talks about sadie and eden often. which hurts my heart. thank goodness for letters, skype, and texting. my aunt, carin, and cousin, maggie, came over this weekend and rorie just soaked up the play time with maggie. i think we are in need of a playgroup... it's on my large to-do list.

now i'm going to rest... and eat a donut. did i tell you my neighbor is a donut shop? it's heavenly.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


1) start early. a few boxes each day starting a month or two before leaving helped me to not feel too overwhelmed. plus, packing and organizing is my thing. i don't consider it a chore. i mean, i even love to unpack the grocery bags and fold laundry (no, really...ask my mom) packing is sort of my "happy" place.

2) never buy boxes. we got our boxes from a grocery store. they have too many anyways and are happy to give them away for free. and a lot of them are really, really sturdy... it's great!

3) enlist the help of friends. we've got a good group of solid friends on both ends. i'm really thankful for that.

4) starbucks. i'm just saying... i've been giving them a lot of business because i'm 30 weeks pregnant and i'll miss my local java.

5) you can do it. a simple saying to keep me going. as well as talking to people about my feelings, fears, & worries. i'm a firm believer in community and know how healing it can be to spill your guts. i'm thankful for family & friends who care so much.

today we pack up. we prepare last minute details for our trip tomorrow out of our sleeping city we have called home for the past 8 years...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


this whole moving experience is really making me feel all sorts of crazy. i'm up. i'm down. i'm healthy. i'm stuffing my face with pizza. it's really ugly guys.

my biggest concern is that this is my first time doing this alone. as in, without my family. i've moved about 6 times in my life and then 5 times in/after college. that's 11 times that i've packed up my stuff and moved. the only difference this time... is that it's just me and aaron packing up our stuff. not me and the other 5 people in my family. not me and 15 of my burgh babes. just us.

and things keep happening that are out of my control- per usual, but right now they are really hitting me hard. troubles with getting our rental application approved, utility troubles, new house owner issues, our wii is broken, my internet keeps going out, aaron sprained his ankle, my toddler is running out of things to do because i keep packing her toys, my maternity pants don't fit, liquid laundry detergent spilled in the trunk of my car... i mean, a lot of these things are just ridiculous.


but yesterday was wonderful. i got to meet sweet ruby for the first time. she's the daughter of my friend, christine. the only one in our group to have a baby as of now. my large group of college girlfriends is called the burgh babes- after our IM basketball team- now we're working on our second team... the burgh babies. so far we have two with a third in the works.

we all gathered together in a wrigleyville apartment to have dinner together and pass around the sweet one month old. it was really great to get together again with my chicago family. and it's fun to see how our group is growing and changing with significant others, spouses, and babies. we've shared a lot of fun memories together and it really does keep getting better. i like that we are all in different places in life, too. it really makes me appreciate our differing experiences and perspectives. it's a beautiful thing i think.