Wednesday, October 22, 2014


over the past few weeks i have wanted to capture rorie's play. not just when she's actively doing something, but more what's left when she's abandoned it and before it gets put back on the shelves. i think there's really something special about the "finished product" of children's play. it makes you wonder how they came to all those conclusions.

i think my project has turned out successfully. her meticulous play is so funny to me. sometimes it's so orderly. everything in a row. sometimes it's a pile of everything she can get her tiny hands on. knowing that she's capable of being both orderly and a mess makes me think i should also jot down her mood for each picture. but i didn't. so we'll have to guess based on the pictures.

i think it's really beautiful.

i'll probably continue this project (:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


so you know i have christmas cards. and it's not even halloween. i know, sue me. but really! you got to be ready! the christmas season is going to smack you in the face like it's already smacked the big box stores!

 i LOVE these cards. the color is fantastic to work with. it reminds me of after a snowstorm. the white snow on a blue-blue sky. and it's calming. like the words joy & peace of the christmas season. i highly suggest checking out the actual shop. you can find it here.

so here's the jist on the creative adventure i'm partaking in...

i'm going to shake it up each month. i'm going to try out new mediums. i'm going to create something awesome (hopefully you all think it's awesome too!). i'm going to stretch myself creatively as much as my mama-self can take.

why? because i need this. i need to be keeping myself creative and busy. i need an outlet. i'd like to provide a bit for my family financially. but that's just an added bonus if it happens.

and that's the deal with the what you love shop.

care to suggest something specific? or a medium i should work with?

p.s. don't see anything you like? i'm totally into custom work. just ask!

Monday, October 20, 2014


well... i just couldn't take the hair anymore. it was getting unruly and out of control. i didn't know where to swoop it. it was so long it touched his eyes if i didn't swoop it. the swoop was just growing longer and longer on the side of his head. it always looked greasy and dirty...even after a bath... except in these pictures of course. so aaron and i decided to just do it- we would cut his hair. and we did. and it was hilarious and very hard to do with a squirmy baby.

this is stage one. the macklemore style. we liked this...and debated keeping it... but it was too similar to the starting hair-do. and it didn't help with the swoop...because that's pretty macklemore- the swoop.

so i kept cutting... and took a little more off the sides. and aaron kept saying it looked good and we were done. and i wasn't so sure. either was he apparently. see photo above.

cleaned up the top and we have a new man! a blondie, too! he feels ten pounds lighter (which would be a horrifying 4 lbs if that were true)! 

it's sad to see the dark locks gone, but i think his new look suits him well. and i'll leave you with a comparison...because who doesn't love a comparison pic?!

Friday, October 17, 2014


i actually wrote this a while back, but it still rings true. and i still loathe spit-up.

if this blog is the only thing that gets me through the stage of infancy - so be it.

yesterday i washed and folded four loads of laundry, three quilts, stripped and washed three beds, washed and hung a load of 14 cloth diapers, and changed my shirt six times. and a normal day.

i almost don't want to be friends with people who have babies that don't spit up. i almost don't want to think that those type of babies even exist. it's almost more than i can handle to think that there are mothers and fathers and babies who aren't drenched in white acidic liquid 24/7. i don't even want to think about babies who can fall asleep after eating. that will just make me cry. because if i did that my babies wake up screaming in a pool of their own spit-up. it's all over their face, up their nose, in their hair and ears.

the people who have babies who don't spit up must be the ones who go around saying that babies don't need to be bathed but once a week. not my babies. if i could figure out the logistics, i'd bathe them twice a day. it's THAT bad.

i love blogs that talk about the only kind of baby i can imagine (here & here are a couple). the spit-up soaked smiling reflux babies. that's my crew.

and that's the end of my rant. i've cried a lot today. BUT...

1) i successfully took my two babies to church today. alone. i got them both in the car (jacob spitting up in his car seat before i even have the straps clicked together-we had to purchase new straps after rorie did a number on the first pair). i planned to drive around and give jacob a good nap before we rolled into church. which worked. we road around looking at the turning leaves. i stopped to get gas ($0.20 off!) and rorie cried about having to go to the nursery without me. because we have tried going to church four times before this and she made it all of ten minutes before she was overcome with tears. the ugly crying.

so i chanced it. i took both of them to church alone. rorie stayed the whole time in the nursery. i'm going to say it again. rorie stayed the whole time in the nursery. i couldn't believe it. i still can't.

and jacob ate and napped again in the ergo. and i heard a sermon. praise the lord. and i'm still unable to fathom how that happened...

2) my afternoon and night of crying were made good after running into rorie's room before she fell asleep and apologizing for the crying and yelling and overall ugliness that was her mother that day. and there were lots of i love yous breathed into words. (and then i'm in her room telling her to stay in her bed...right as i'm typing this. of course. i still apologized and that's what matters).

3) these two...

Monday, October 13, 2014


baby girl got her first taste of apple picking. we literally went ten minutes from our house to poverty lane orchards. it was the perfect distance away, had the best pickings, and was hands-down the easiest and most entertaining place for us on a saturday afternoon.

rorie was all about getting a "pumpkim" and picked the first little guy she could carry. and that's the one that currently resides in the playroom- covered in stickers, might i add.

we went to the first row of trees and picked apples from maybe the fifth tree. filled up a little bag and that was that. rorie was shaking with excitement when she saw the apples on the trees. she just couldn't believe it and she started laughing! it was really cute. the first apple she picked she ate right away and then wasn't really interested in picking anymore. haha!

my grandma was with us this past weekend as aaron was away at a men's retreat. it was so nice to have some backup! and she left us with a freshly made apple crisp. mmmmmm! 

we will definitely be bringing aaron to the orchard soon!

Sunday, October 12, 2014



welp. i opened an etsy shop. it's pretty simple right now. the christmas season is almost upon us. please don't jump down my throat for announcing that before halloween has even passed. i'm a person that believes in the u.s. postal service and all the wonders that come with sending and receiving mail. and christmas mail is just one of the best. i love the photos. i love the newsletters and updates. i really just love it.

so literally i few days ago, when i was dreaming up how we were going to pay for the extra cost of special formula (yep- turns out mr. jakey is just like rorie- allergic to milk protein), i thought: "i'll make christmas cards!" and i did. and they're for sale. and you could buy them!

so i would love it if you'd check out my shop. it's the WHAT YOU LOVE SHOP. and we are open for business!

p.s. i loved all your suggestions from my last post. this is most definitely going to be a shop of made of many materials!

Thursday, October 9, 2014


one of my favorite blogger runs a successful home business. she makes stuff and sells stuff. one day she decided she wanted to start a podcast. she didn't really know how to do it exactly, but she just started.

i love that. just start. i mean, if there's any way to get something done it's to simply start it. it's almost eleven thirty here. tonight i let myself get a little creative. and i'm feeling it course through my blood like a caffeinated drink. it feels amazing and horrible at the same time... only horrible because i should be sleeping. but i'm waay too excited.

enter: the what you love shop.

i've had the idea of starting my own "shop" for a while now. i'm not exactly sure (i'm going to let you know that i just typed out "shure"- no shame.) how this is going to work or what's going to be in this shop of mine. but here i am... starting the process. i have a lot of ideas and i'm ready to kick my brain back into gear.

what do you think should be in the shop?