Monday, November 17, 2014


2 months 
3 months 
4 months 

jacob kian is now 5 months old. soon to be 6 months old in a couple weeks. he looks super chubby in the 4th month picture. it's so weird. and i finally got some good lighting for his 5th month. living and learning, i tell ya.

back to jacob. he's a handful. he loves to be held, especially by me. aaron tells him, "you're a mama's boy. and that's ok" it's really sweet. and it's nice to be wanted. 

he's almost crawling, but he can scoot himself anywhere. he often gets into whatever his heart desires: books, toys, rorie's hair, the cats. he also gets up on all fours in his bed, so we had to take down the infant insert in his pack-n-play. he was looking over the edge and trying to grab the side. once i saw that happen i didn't want to know what would happen next. so off with the infant insert!

spit-up is at an all time high. with all the moving he does his tummy can't digest fast enough, so up it comes. we recently gave him some oatmeal and i've been trying it in his bottles too. in the hopes that his food stays in his belly where it belongs. i think it's helped. he goes through about 6 or 7 outfits on a good day. i go through 3-4 shirts and hopefully i get to keep the same pants on... but you never know. the day rorie got splattered with spit-up like bird poop falling from the sky was epic. she did not think so. 

little dude is in 6-12m clothes and it's so nice to have a healthy kid. he doesn't sleep much, day or night, but he's the happiest kid ever. loves to laugh and talk. loves to give kisses. and loves to watch his sister.

rorie is having more fun with jake now. she loves to help change his diaper. she's my trash girl when we use disposables. she also is great at getting him a paci. not so great at gently putting it into his mouth. they both love to read and look at books, so we do a lot of family reading. she is not into him taking the toys that she's playing with. sharing is a very hard concept to teach. it seems to be SO unnatural. we're working on it. 

aaron and i have been busy organizing the house, planning the upcoming months for holiday travel, getting shop orders out, working on my december craft (which i'll explain in a few), and cookin up good food. i might share a dinner recipe soon. we'll see :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014



i've been doing a little lifestyle change. i've been spending less time on the internet. i've been doing stickers and blowing raspberries. i've been folding laundry and drinking tea. i've been reading books (to my kids) and reading books (for pleasure!!!). i've been cooking for my family and caring for myself. i've been going on long walks and playing at the park. i've been organizing our holiday schedule and going through all our belongings. i've been dreaming big and sitting still.

it's been really nice. i've changed up a few things with regards to the internet and my phone. i'm less connected, if you will. and i kind of love it. a slight step back in time. a break from thinking i need to keep up with everyone everyday. because i know i don't. it's been a great time to think and reflect on what is important. answering or entertain questions like: why am i thinking the way i do? do i really need to be "checking in"? why do i care about this? who am i doing this for? do i even enjoy this? do i feel obligated or do i love it? stuff like that.

i've been very, happily, present the past few weeks. it's been nice. and i plan on keeping it up. because jacob, i'd rather watch you eat your feet than be on the internet.

(ironic side note: i'm reading a book about twitter. ha!)

p.s. babies eating their feet is my second favorite thing babies do. sleeping with their butt in the air is #1. for obvious cuteness overload reasons.

Friday, October 31, 2014


i had a lot of fun brainstorming, planning, & creating this month's craft. the phrase "i can do hard things" stuck with me the first time i ever saw it. i knew it was something i wanted to have in my house as a daily reminder.

it was also the mantra i had while slowly carving out each letter. it was hard work. it was mainly hard work because i was doing it late at night, during nap times, while children were interrupting me when they were supposed to be playing, and one glorious hour at panera. a man thought i was cutting a bagel all funny. nope, it's a linoleum block.

as i worked i repeated the phrase i was carving "i can do hard things, i can do hard things..." over and over again. because it's true.

i'm very tired a lot of the time. i wake up groaning when, in a previous life, i woke up alive and spunky. this print is a reminder of what i can do. i can do hard things. 

this print is for the mama who is up all night with a teething baby- i can do hard things. (me!)

this print is for the teen with too many broken hearts- i can do hard things.

this print is for the freshman trying to make it onto the varsity team- i can do hard things.

this print is for the sixteen year old studying to take their driving test- i can do hard things.

this print is for the college student during finals week- i can do hard things.

this print is for the twenty-something working harder than hard for peanuts- i can do hard things.

this print is for the mother who is watching her son drive off to college- i can do hard things.

this print is for the father who drives and hour to work everyday and misses too many mornings, afternoons, and nights with his kids- i can do hard things.

we can all do hard things. and this is a simple reminder of that. the hard things mold you. the hard things test you. the hard things give way to the great things in life.

i can do hard things.

there are two options: b&w or color.
you can purchase your own print here.
thank you so much for your support.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


one night i cleaned up the day's mess and then took some pictures. when i uploaded them to my computer i laughed at how it didn't even look like my house. so i took real pictures to put up against the fake ones. because that's real life.

that last one i threw in because you can really see everything.

i do like a clean and tidy house- don't get me wrong. a lot of nights my apartment does look the the first set of pictures. but that's only when both the kids are sleeping and i've done all the work to put everything back in it's place.

but some nights, usually after a few nights and days of being really on top of things, i settle my butt into the couch and take in the mess. i take it in as my own and as a sign that a lot of playing, learning, and loving went on that day.

and a lot of laundry. always a lot of laundry.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


over the past few weeks i have wanted to capture rorie's play. not just when she's actively doing something, but more what's left when she's abandoned it and before it gets put back on the shelves. i think there's really something special about the "finished product" of children's play. it makes you wonder how they came to all those conclusions.

i think my project has turned out successfully. her meticulous play is so funny to me. sometimes it's so orderly. everything in a row. sometimes it's a pile of everything she can get her tiny hands on. knowing that she's capable of being both orderly and a mess makes me think i should also jot down her mood for each picture. but i didn't. so we'll have to guess based on the pictures.

i think it's really beautiful.

i'll probably continue this project (:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


so you know i have christmas cards. and it's not even halloween. i know, sue me. but really! you got to be ready! the christmas season is going to smack you in the face like it's already smacked the big box stores!

 i LOVE these cards. the color is fantastic to work with. it reminds me of after a snowstorm. the white snow on a blue-blue sky. and it's calming. like the words joy & peace of the christmas season. i highly suggest checking out the actual shop. you can find it here.

so here's the jist on the creative adventure i'm partaking in...

i'm going to shake it up each month. i'm going to try out new mediums. i'm going to create something awesome (hopefully you all think it's awesome too!). i'm going to stretch myself creatively as much as my mama-self can take.

why? because i need this. i need to be keeping myself creative and busy. i need an outlet. i'd like to provide a bit for my family financially. but that's just an added bonus if it happens.

and that's the deal with the what you love shop.

care to suggest something specific? or a medium i should work with?

p.s. don't see anything you like? i'm totally into custom work. just ask!

Monday, October 20, 2014


well... i just couldn't take the hair anymore. it was getting unruly and out of control. i didn't know where to swoop it. it was so long it touched his eyes if i didn't swoop it. the swoop was just growing longer and longer on the side of his head. it always looked greasy and dirty...even after a bath... except in these pictures of course. so aaron and i decided to just do it- we would cut his hair. and we did. and it was hilarious and very hard to do with a squirmy baby.

this is stage one. the macklemore style. we liked this...and debated keeping it... but it was too similar to the starting hair-do. and it didn't help with the swoop...because that's pretty macklemore- the swoop.

so i kept cutting... and took a little more off the sides. and aaron kept saying it looked good and we were done. and i wasn't so sure. either was he apparently. see photo above.

cleaned up the top and we have a new man! a blondie, too! he feels ten pounds lighter (which would be a horrifying 4 lbs if that were true)! 

it's sad to see the dark locks gone, but i think his new look suits him well. and i'll leave you with a comparison...because who doesn't love a comparison pic?!