Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have been severely MIA lately. 12+ weeks, actually. I'm terribly sorry about that. Especially for the friends that live so very far away. Well... I officially have a 12 week old baby girl named Rorie Gwendolyn, and let me tell you... she is a handful. A beautiful, wonderful, drive-me-crazy handful.

She came out roaring (literally) and we have just had to roll with the punches ever since. We've had a bit of trouble with her and even though she's very cute it's been very tough on all of us. She lost a lot of weight when she came home from the hospital. Possibly water weight from being on fluids for days before being born. But the weight gain is still slow, so we're off to the doctors tomorrow. Some other things we are dealing with- reflux. Poor baby. Her stomach acid likes to take field trips. We have her on medicine 3x a day that's supposed to help with that. It definitely helps the acid, but she spits up like crazy. Hence, her problem gaining weight. The spit up also wakes her up from sleeping, so she has trouble taking naps and falling to sleep at night. She has done some 10 hr stretches...which she could do more of if you ask me (:

I can both believe and not believe that it has already been 12 weeks since she was born. And that we are finally getting some Fall weather here in Chicago. After a summer filled with 100+ degree weather... we definitely welcome Fall with open arms! And little baby "Ugg" boots for Ro-Ro of course (Pictures to come soon).

 It really is fun to have a baby to play with- even with all the drama. This morning Aaron and I played dress up with our little baby. She tried on some winter hats, a baseball cap, a baby ski mask, and her Halloween costume (get excited!). Lots of laughs from us and a very confused baby. I'm sure she thought we were crazy.

I'll try my hardest to update more often. She's been napping for an hour (which never happens)... so hopefully I'll get more me time in. I haven't quite finished writing Rorie's birth story yet. It's quite emotional to think back on and I'm just starting to feel like myself again. Pray for us all. For we are all running on fumes.


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