Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I've decided that this is going to be my last post while being pregnant. I've decided this for a couple of reasons. #1: I'm ready to have this baby and she could potentially come out at any time. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow. That's how long I've been pregnant (and married, for that matter!) and it feels like forever. My due date is 16 days away, so it could be soon. At this point, I'd even consider after my due date as 'soon'. So, it's soon. #2: I don't have much to report that's positive. Other than the fact that Rorie is super healthy and active, the majority of my time is spent in an uncomfortable and tired state. It's hard carrying around all this extra weight! The bump may look adorable, but it's a lot of work!

A lot of people have asked me, "what's the best thing(s) about being pregnant". So I thought I would list a few what I think are the best and worst about my first experience being pregnant.

- There's a baby inside of me! It's not only an honor to be carrying around a little one, but it really is magical. Magical in a sense that it makes no sense at all. I mean really, at first there's the excitement because the three digital tests all said "pregnant". You know there's a baby in there, but it doesn't really hit you until you start feeling the flutter, then the movement, then the little kicks, and then the full on jabs and dance moves. And that she's yours... you get to keep her.
- Hiccups. Not me, I don't actually think I've had hiccups this whole pregnancy... hmmm, but the baby...she gets hiccups at least once a day. And they're the cutest. At first, when she would get hiccups he whole body would freeze and I could feel and see my tummy quickly rise with each hiccup. hic! hic! hic! It was hilariously cute, like she was confused as to what was happening so she stopped moving... except for those darn hiccups. So cute. Now she's a pro at hiccupping and moves while she hiccups. Still adorable, because it's a baby hiccuping via the womb. Can't fight that.
- Eating. I'm a regularly healthy eater. I like drinking water over anything else. I like plain yogurt over flavored. I like savory foods over sugary foods. I love my veggetables. And I'm pretty vegetarian, but that's on accident. I would normally try and steer myself away from eating Doritos, Ben & Jerry's, donuts, and pancakes... but since I've been pregnant: I've allowed myself to indulge. I'm actually looking forward to not being pregnant and sticking to a healthier diet. Weird. Probably won't feel that way at all when the time comes.
- Being with Aaron. He is so excited to be a Daddy. I love to watch his facial expressions and hear his comments when she kicks really hard. And I love how he talks about the future and is so excited about our growing little family. I love how he's excited for her to come even though I'm scared to death. I love that he reassures me everyday that I can do this and that he will be by me the whole time. He is an extension of myself, the part of me that keeps me going when my own head is scared, scared, scared.
-Excitement. It's been so fun to share this experience will all of my friends and family. It's fun to have other people feel her move. There has been so many different reactions... it's just been wonderful. I love how excited everyone is to meet her... because I am too!!! It's just been really fun.
-Baby clothes. They are just so adorable. I am so lucky to have so many cute things to put on my baby girl! I think I could tell you who gave me every piece of clothing... and even that's fun.
-The future. Aaron and I love to talk about what we think Rorie will be like, what she might look like, and how our family will be down the road. I love that it's a reality now and not just something we talked about before getting married. We actually did it. We have started our family. Sure, we have Cago & Elle... and I may treat them like my own kids... but we've actually created a kid. I real kid. Just the thought of that makes me happy!

Now, I'm sure there's a lot more I coul list about the bests... but, being as pregnant as I am... I'm getting tired just typing this post.

And that's a good place to start for the worsts.

-Tired. I am tired all the time. I get tired taking a shower. I get tired putting my shoes on. I get tired doing dishes and have to stop half way through. It's tiring being so tired all the time!
-Heartburn. Never in my life had I had heartburn before. I didn't really understant what it was... until I felt the fire in my throat and chest. It really is like there's a fire burning in there. And it's horrible.
-Daily tasks are so hard to accomplish. This is due to a number of things. Being tired is one of them, but a big on (no pun intended) is having a fairly large stomach...that you never used to have. I like to say that I've lost all movement of my mid-section. Which is true. I must squat to pick things up. Which most times leads to a horrible show of "can she get back up again?" And I can get back up, but I have to look around for something to hold onto to help me up. I have to hold my breath and ready myself. Just to stand up. Dishes... well I can no longer reach the water when standing up right... because my belly is in the way. And standing there makes my feet hurt and my whole body gets tired. So I usually have to do dishes in sections. Which takes 4 times as long.
-Sleeping. I have to get up to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. And if I don't drink water afterwards... I get leg cramps. And getting out of bed is the hardest thing. I'm never comfortable, so I have to switch from laying on my left to laying on my right. Which takes 10 minutes to do. I have to prepare myself mentally, hold my breath while moving my enormous belly, hopfully land in a comfortable position on the otherside, then readjust my pillows (all 6 of them... I still feel like I need more), then try to be comfy, then realize I have to go to the bathroom... everytime.

So those are just a few hardships. But whatever... I'm getting Rorie out of this.

And I like to tell myself: "I can do anything". Which I believe to be true.

I read a post on a baby website titled: "You Know Your WAY Pregnant When..." here are some of my favorites:

-When you almost burn your belly while trying to cook on the stove.
-When after doing the dishes you feel like you just cleaned the whole kitchen and you want to sit down forever.
-When random people comment on your belly size.
-When putting on underwear is a dangerous job.
-When you cry because you're tired and uncomfortable and just want the baby to come already!
-When your maternity shirts become belly shirts.
-When you sound like an 80 year old man when you roll over in bed.
-When it's hard, if not impossible to wipe after you pee.
-When you don't want to move because it's going to hurt somewhere.
-When getting out of the car is an Olympic event.

Well that's enough of all that pregnancy talk. Any day now we'll have a post about a little girl named Rorie Gwendolyn.
And I'm sure it will have a picture to go along with it (:

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