Thursday, October 17, 2013


we went on another road trip to WI this past weekend. and to think, the time that we decide to randomly go i was more prepared for a road trip than this time. it feels like i'm constantly dropping the ball. but we made it. one too many stops for fast food. but we made it. we had a really fun time, but i'm still tired. that's what happens when you keep going without stopping... you get yourself all tired. we made it home in one piece, but i'm still trying to get us back on our feet here in the city. we now have groceries- yay! i finished the dishes- yay! but we managed to make two baskets full of laundry since getting home on monday night- say whaa??? i know.

a couple of aaron's childhood friends and their kids came over for our visit. it was really sweet to see how far these boys have come. wives! babies! here's a few photos from our trip:

rorie girl is working on getting her molars still. one has made an appearance, so we've got three to go. the night time wakings are lessening, so i'm hoping there's an end in sight. not just for me (i so miss sleep), but i feel so bad for her. she's still an energetic busy body all throughout the day, so it can't be bugging her too much, right?

aaron and i also just shared our two year wedding anniversary on the 9th. it has been a full two years and i am seriously thankful for that man i call mine. our friends have offered to watch little miss for us this friday, so we are excitedly planning a real date night!

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