Tuesday, October 8, 2013



the past 4-5 day have been horrible around here. i've raised my voice one too many times, rorie has replaced words with whines, and i am coming down with some sort of sinus-issue+gastro-something-definitely-horrible-timing-disease. the weather up until now has mimicked summer. humid 80 degree days do not belong in october. at least not here in chicago. and weather like that makes me sooooo lethargic. i literally get nothing done. we ran out of both forks and spoons and counter space because i didn't want to touch a dish. our laundry piled up so high that we also ran out of cloth wipes and rags... i mean really. i totally dropped the ball. if i had a boss other than rorie... i would have been fired.

how lucky am i that my boss could care less about the mess. that my boss gives me kisses (and it's totally acceptable and not weird at all!). my boss loves mulch and leaves. and throwing said mulch and leaves until she's covered head to toe- in 30 seconds flat. a boss that doesn't care if we have to take three trips to the car after grocery shopping- every trip up the four flights of stairs is an adventure! (oh, if only it were to me...). my boss loves to read books like it's nobody's business. she lets me lay on the ground when i "work" with her. my boss is stunningly beautiful. she's adventurous and courageous, but sweet and sensitive. she's a 15 month old boss. i am forever grateful to her.


  1. I honestly cannot believe how beautiful Rorie is. And how big she is. It is mind-blowing. Zoe looked at the picture of Rorie and said "friend!". Don't worry about dropping the ball. Do worry about the whining---that will only get worse! :)

    Love ya friend.

  2. That girl is rocking that jean jacket! Love her (and you :)