Monday, September 30, 2013


we have had an extremely busy two weeks. a lot of babysitting. a few friends visited. i got to see a broadway show randomly one night (evita!). lots of cooking at home (think- many soups). first family dinner with my brother and cousins. ran into a fashion show at the mall hosted by giuliana rancic. talked about the future with the hubs. and finally got really into new girl (love it so much!). it's just been a whirlwind. but it's been a good one.

i just love the pictures of rorie helping aaron make coffee. it's a really sweet thing they do together. she just loves to scoop out the coffee beans and dump them into the grinder. her accomplished face is one i will always cherish, because she is absolutely proud of herself. and she should be. she is becoming one self-sufficient girl. i should have known this would happen early on. she has always been such a smart and determined baby. held up her head early, rolled over and moved with such determination, needed to put herself to sleep, calms herself down without being held. she's really amazing. lately she gets her own bibs from the cabinet (i put them on the lowest shelf because of this) and closes the door. it's really cute that she's created her own little routine before meals. she may look like her daddy, but i think she has a lot of me floating around inside :)

here's a few things i've found and liked:

really puts things into perspective.
next on the list of things to do.
i want to get this for rorie's room. christmas?
i like this fabric for the a-frame tent aaron made for r.

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