Tuesday, September 17, 2013


we spent the weekend in wisconsin at aaron's childhood home. we spruced up the walls with some classy gray paint and looked through lots of old pictures. it was a very fun and therapeutic weekend. we also got to see my grandparents at their new apartment. and we got to meet up with two of aaron's friends from growing up and their babies. it was a great trip!

we collected a lot of cash on our road trip, so tonight rorie helped me put it in our big jar. we sat on the rug and put coins in the jar for over ten minutes. that is a big deal for a toddler! it was so fun to watch her struggle to let go of each coin and finally get it to go in. she was so proud of herself each time she did it and instantly asked me for "mouurr". it was absolutely darling. and she got really good at the end. i also am pretty confident that my daughter is a lefty and has been from the start. glad to be back in chicago and ready for the fall!

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