Wednesday, October 30, 2013


i'm very excited about the world series game tonight. rorie is much healthier and sleeping pretty much like she used to. we have a walk planned for when she's up from her nap. the outside world! AH! halloween is tomorrow! i'm not going to even attempt any tick-or-treating if we are not up for it. there's no need to stress us both out (aaron has to work-boo, for real.) for something that's only going to get better with time. so that's how i'm doing halloween this year. if we make it out-fantastic. if we don't-still fantastic. my weekend plans involve lots of seeing friends, which i'm very excited for. i feel like it's been at least a month since i've seen some of my girlfriends. it's sad, but true. so i'm excited to celebrate birthdays and life together.

here's a few links i've found and loved. enjoy!

great post about what a family needs after a baby is born (for my pregnant mamas!)

makes sick days look stunning.

turn that frown upside-down.

think these will actually turn out eatable?

i posted this on facebook, but it obviously deserves another look.

intentionally trying to find time to read.

"you never know for what reasons a mom is scooping powder and shaking up bottles, but know that they are most likely good reasons and that she is doing what is best for her and her family". amen

xoxo (if you haven't watch gossip girl on netflix. plan to spend your life catching up because the finale is the best thing since sliced bread).

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