Friday, November 1, 2013


we totally did it. rorie has officially been trick-or-treating! and it was the hardest thing ever, which is why i ate my favorites the moment her head hit the pillow. it was windy and raining really hard, but we managed to fill an entire cereal bowl full of candy. i feel we accomplished a lot. for a 15 month old and a mama.

rorie did not understand halloween at all. nothing made sense to her. and why would she get it? she has nothing to go off of. we watched the great pumpkin, charlie brown at home with aaron before he left for work. and when he did leave for work i had to put my big girl pants on and do this halloween thing. it had been raining all day and i was already tired. i think the candy motivated me (to be honest). and really... it was a workout to get all that candy. it's serious stuff. i was sweating pushing the stroller to the streets with houses and taking her in and out of it, walking her up to the doors in the pouring rain, trying to pry the candy from the last house out of her hand so she could get new candy, then proceed to carry a screaming rorie back to the stroller because i took the candy out of her hand. you get more! i told her... like i said before, nothing about halloween made sense to rorie.

the post-trick-or-treating picture cracks me up. i let her eat a twizzler because i thought it wouldn't be too messy. aaaand she ends up looking like a damp vampire swedish babe.

now we have a good story about her second halloween. her first official trick-or-treating. and really... it can only get better from here. and there will only be more and more candy.

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