Friday, October 17, 2014


i actually wrote this a while back, but it still rings true. and i still loathe spit-up.

if this blog is the only thing that gets me through the stage of infancy - so be it.

yesterday i washed and folded four loads of laundry, three quilts, stripped and washed three beds, washed and hung a load of 14 cloth diapers, and changed my shirt six times. and a normal day.

i almost don't want to be friends with people who have babies that don't spit up. i almost don't want to think that those type of babies even exist. it's almost more than i can handle to think that there are mothers and fathers and babies who aren't drenched in white acidic liquid 24/7. i don't even want to think about babies who can fall asleep after eating. that will just make me cry. because if i did that my babies wake up screaming in a pool of their own spit-up. it's all over their face, up their nose, in their hair and ears.

the people who have babies who don't spit up must be the ones who go around saying that babies don't need to be bathed but once a week. not my babies. if i could figure out the logistics, i'd bathe them twice a day. it's THAT bad.

i love blogs that talk about the only kind of baby i can imagine (here & here are a couple). the spit-up soaked smiling reflux babies. that's my crew.

and that's the end of my rant. i've cried a lot today. BUT...

1) i successfully took my two babies to church today. alone. i got them both in the car (jacob spitting up in his car seat before i even have the straps clicked together-we had to purchase new straps after rorie did a number on the first pair). i planned to drive around and give jacob a good nap before we rolled into church. which worked. we road around looking at the turning leaves. i stopped to get gas ($0.20 off!) and rorie cried about having to go to the nursery without me. because we have tried going to church four times before this and she made it all of ten minutes before she was overcome with tears. the ugly crying.

so i chanced it. i took both of them to church alone. rorie stayed the whole time in the nursery. i'm going to say it again. rorie stayed the whole time in the nursery. i couldn't believe it. i still can't.

and jacob ate and napped again in the ergo. and i heard a sermon. praise the lord. and i'm still unable to fathom how that happened...

2) my afternoon and night of crying were made good after running into rorie's room before she fell asleep and apologizing for the crying and yelling and overall ugliness that was her mother that day. and there were lots of i love yous breathed into words. (and then i'm in her room telling her to stay in her bed...right as i'm typing this. of course. i still apologized and that's what matters).

3) these two...

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