Monday, October 13, 2014


baby girl got her first taste of apple picking. we literally went ten minutes from our house to poverty lane orchards. it was the perfect distance away, had the best pickings, and was hands-down the easiest and most entertaining place for us on a saturday afternoon.

rorie was all about getting a "pumpkim" and picked the first little guy she could carry. and that's the one that currently resides in the playroom- covered in stickers, might i add.

we went to the first row of trees and picked apples from maybe the fifth tree. filled up a little bag and that was that. rorie was shaking with excitement when she saw the apples on the trees. she just couldn't believe it and she started laughing! it was really cute. the first apple she picked she ate right away and then wasn't really interested in picking anymore. haha!

my grandma was with us this past weekend as aaron was away at a men's retreat. it was so nice to have some backup! and she left us with a freshly made apple crisp. mmmmmm! 

we will definitely be bringing aaron to the orchard soon!


  1. Looks like you girls had a blast. I'm assuming Jake was there somewhere too, but apple picking is not super thrilling for babies. Those pretty orange trees peeking into some of the photos and especially in the last photo are so beautiful! Happy Fall :)

    1. jakey was sleeping in the stroller :) haha!