Sunday, October 12, 2014



welp. i opened an etsy shop. it's pretty simple right now. the christmas season is almost upon us. please don't jump down my throat for announcing that before halloween has even passed. i'm a person that believes in the u.s. postal service and all the wonders that come with sending and receiving mail. and christmas mail is just one of the best. i love the photos. i love the newsletters and updates. i really just love it.

so literally i few days ago, when i was dreaming up how we were going to pay for the extra cost of special formula (yep- turns out mr. jakey is just like rorie- allergic to milk protein), i thought: "i'll make christmas cards!" and i did. and they're for sale. and you could buy them!

so i would love it if you'd check out my shop. it's the WHAT YOU LOVE SHOP. and we are open for business!

p.s. i loved all your suggestions from my last post. this is most definitely going to be a shop of made of many materials!

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