Thursday, October 9, 2014


one of my favorite blogger runs a successful home business. she makes stuff and sells stuff. one day she decided she wanted to start a podcast. she didn't really know how to do it exactly, but she just started.

i love that. just start. i mean, if there's any way to get something done it's to simply start it. it's almost eleven thirty here. tonight i let myself get a little creative. and i'm feeling it course through my blood like a caffeinated drink. it feels amazing and horrible at the same time... only horrible because i should be sleeping. but i'm waay too excited.

enter: the what you love shop.

i've had the idea of starting my own "shop" for a while now. i'm not exactly sure (i'm going to let you know that i just typed out "shure"- no shame.) how this is going to work or what's going to be in this shop of mine. but here i am... starting the process. i have a lot of ideas and i'm ready to kick my brain back into gear.

what do you think should be in the shop?


  1. I'm excited for you, Chels! I think you should fill the shop with Art! Chelsea and Rorie originals...Jake too?

    1. i think rorie should be involved... great idea!

    2. i think rorie should be involved... great idea!

  2. Up-cycled furniture & decor; unique art - drawings, paintings, rubbings, photos;