Monday, October 20, 2014


well... i just couldn't take the hair anymore. it was getting unruly and out of control. i didn't know where to swoop it. it was so long it touched his eyes if i didn't swoop it. the swoop was just growing longer and longer on the side of his head. it always looked greasy and dirty...even after a bath... except in these pictures of course. so aaron and i decided to just do it- we would cut his hair. and we did. and it was hilarious and very hard to do with a squirmy baby.

this is stage one. the macklemore style. we liked this...and debated keeping it... but it was too similar to the starting hair-do. and it didn't help with the swoop...because that's pretty macklemore- the swoop.

so i kept cutting... and took a little more off the sides. and aaron kept saying it looked good and we were done. and i wasn't so sure. either was he apparently. see photo above.

cleaned up the top and we have a new man! a blondie, too! he feels ten pounds lighter (which would be a horrifying 4 lbs if that were true)! 

it's sad to see the dark locks gone, but i think his new look suits him well. and i'll leave you with a comparison...because who doesn't love a comparison pic?!

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