Tuesday, October 21, 2014


so you know i have christmas cards. and it's not even halloween. i know, sue me. but really! you got to be ready! the christmas season is going to smack you in the face like it's already smacked the big box stores!

 i LOVE these cards. the color is fantastic to work with. it reminds me of after a snowstorm. the white snow on a blue-blue sky. and it's calming. like the words joy & peace of the christmas season. i highly suggest checking out the actual shop. you can find it here.

so here's the jist on the creative adventure i'm partaking in...

i'm going to shake it up each month. i'm going to try out new mediums. i'm going to create something awesome (hopefully you all think it's awesome too!). i'm going to stretch myself creatively as much as my mama-self can take.

why? because i need this. i need to be keeping myself creative and busy. i need an outlet. i'd like to provide a bit for my family financially. but that's just an added bonus if it happens.

and that's the deal with the what you love shop.

care to suggest something specific? or a medium i should work with?

p.s. don't see anything you like? i'm totally into custom work. just ask!

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