Wednesday, June 11, 2014


we are just so happy that jacob finally decided he wanted to be born! we did a post similar to this about rorie's name, if you missed the rorie edition... click here to view it, so we thought it would be fitting to do one for jacob as well. i hope you enjoy it. i can't wait to share more of our life as a family of four. so far, it's been pretty wonderful.


if jacob were to ask me why his father and i picked his name i would tell him this:

jacob. your name was decided quite quickly. very similarly to your big sister's name, actually. after we found our you were a boy we talked and talked about names. nothing sounded good. nothing seemed to fit. we couldn't agree on any name. then your dad and i decided to sit down, go through names, and get serious about the whole "naming you" business. he landed on the letter j and started going through the names. when he said "jacob" i looked at him and shrugged. saying, "it works." he said, "i've always liked that name." and i thought, "that's crazy... because so have i", but i never actually said it out loud. your daddy said he also has always like your name. so that was that... and we never looked back. what's really cool about your name is, not only is it a name used in the bible (something your dad wanted for one of his children), but it is derived from the same source as the name James... which just happens to be your dad's middle name. many languages don't even have different spellings of the two names. we think that's pretty special.

kian. the funny thing about your middle name is that your papa actually found it. your dad and i couldn't come up with a middle name to save our lives. nothing sounded right. nothing fit. sound similar to your first name?! i told my family that we were stuck on a middle name and my dad stayed up all night looking up names. in the morning he told me about kian [key-in]. it's an old irish name that can be translated into "keene" in english. keene, nh is the town where your daddy and i had our first date ever.  we also wanted to use a family name, but nothing sounded right. well, your papa's middle name is keith and your grandpa dave's middle name was allen. and if you smoosh those two names together it's sounds very similar to your middle name. which we love.

i love you so much jacob kian. you were purposely created and purposefully named. does that answer your question?

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