Saturday, April 13, 2013


if rorie were to ask me why her father and i picked her name i would tell her this:

rorie. we dreamed about you before we were married. we actually both loved the name rorie. yes, i did first hear the name while watching gilmore girls. it's a show i adore. it is part of the relationship i have with my own mother. when the show first aired the pilot, we were living in chiang mai, thailand. it was hot and sweaty. the air was spicy and wet with humidity. we ate noodle soup at lunch and played in flowering trees that bled white blood. we didn't have much choice in television, but every so often an american show would be played. and on tuesday nights my mother and i watched another american mother and daughter on our tv. lorelai and rory gilmore. it was our "thing" for seven years. even when we left my favorite country. even when i left my family for college. we watched gilmore girls on tuesday nights. the show and the name remind me of my mother- your grandma. i am also reminded of my littlest sister grace- your auntie gracie, who would snuggle on my bed and watch gilmore girls with me every time i would come home from college. she was actually watching it right before you were born! i loved the name rorie. and when i met your father we would dream about our children. we would sometimes watch gilmore girls. and he also loved the name rorie. it would be years before you would arrive in the world, but you, and your name, meant something to us even before then.

gwendolyn. this is your middle name and probably a name you don't hear very often. maybe only when you're testing your limits with me and your father. it is also a name we carefully picked out for you. in 30 seconds. we came up with this name so fast because we knew it was perfect and we knew it would fit our baby girl. when you were in my tummy growing big and strong everyday, we knew this name would fit you well. you are named after my grandma- your great-grandma gwen. you not only share a name with her, but i believe you share a lot of her spirit and character. and i am proud to have named you after her. she has a beautiful spirit. she is loud and proud. and soft and loving. she can light up a room with her laughter and stories. she is proud of her heritage and fiercely loves her family. she is always on your side. doesn't that sound like you?

i love you so much rorie gwendolyn. you were purposely created and purposefully named. does that answer your question?

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