Wednesday, April 17, 2013


it's hard when you lose a big personality. those people they fill up rooms. they fill up hearts. their stories could be told indefinitely. memories with them could fill up a library. it's hard because even if you only met them once or even a few times- you feel connected. and the connection gets stronger the more and more you hear about them. the more you smile. the more you think. big personalities touch more lives than they'll ever know. and that's why it's so hard when they are gone. when the memories can no longer be made. when the stories drift farther and farther from their origin. there is an abscess. big personalities fill up rooms. most importantly, they fill up hearts. and that's why it is so hard to lose them.
because with that loss- a part of your heart is broken.

in memory of louise and all the other big personalities we have lost.

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  1. I'm pretty sure she was praying for Rorie every day - she never forgot her!