Thursday, April 18, 2013


1. playtime   2. mama morning dove   3. buttons for roro   4. first time eating swedish pakcakes (and sharing with elle)

rorie and i have been busy babysitting for three different families. it's been hard to juggle and hard for her to sleep at so many different houses. a plus for her is all the different toys and books. we have also both picked up a nasty little sinus cold. yesterday, it worked out that we could stay home and rest up. it was nice to be back in my own home during the day. we got caught up on the diapers upstairs and the laundry downstairs. we spotted the beautiful mama morning dove on our way down. she stayed out there in the cold and rain and i thought, "you go, mama." we are not babysitting again until monday, so our friday is free. free to get better. free to snuggle more. and free to relax and read books.

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