Thursday, May 1, 2014


dress-up in her bedroom // a view of our porch // rain, rain, rain // none of my clothes fit // typical coffee table

yep, it's not 8 am yet. and yep, the house is already a mess. but that's ok. we need to stay busy because it's day 2 of rain and day i couldn't even tell you of being sick. rorie is back to her normal self. she had a 3-day stint with a fever, but she's fine. i'm on week 2, but i'm over the worst of it. luckily, aaron was home for a few days when i was at my worst. i really credit saline sinus rinses, a raw honey, lemon juice, coconut oil, and cinnamon cocktail, hydrating, and R.E.S.T.

i think this is my first sickness i haven't used ANY medication... and i'm going to tell you... it hasn't been that bad. i had maybe two rough days and one really bad day, but that was it! i suggest trying it. it's much less stressful than popping pills and trying to schedule doctor visits. hopefully this tail end actually ends soon.

it's may! it's due date month! and NONE of my clothes fit. no, none of my maternity clothes fit (see picture above). grrrr... i remember this happening with rorie, but it's still chilly here... so i can't just live in my shorts and dresses. those are the clothes that DO fit me. go figure. oh well. baby boy is extremely active and it's clear that he's running out of room. we are getting really anxious to meet him!

what are you looking forward to in may?


  1. You two are such busy bees. I can't believe that your little boy will be here this month. That is so exciting! Almost makes the rain and cold worth it?

  2. I'm looking forward to getting to YOU before Jacob arrives :D

    I love the photo of your big belly with Rorie in the background!!!

    1. GET HERE! I MISS YOU! i also love that picture too.