Sunday, April 27, 2014


it seems that i totally forgot that i had other pictures from our easter trip to touisset. we had a lot of fun hanging out with my cousins, aunt, and my grandma and grandpa redding. rorie calls my grandpa, "grandpa-grandpa ready" because we told her we were going to "grandma and grandpa redding's house". it's really cute. i kinda hope she keeps it up.

rorie is an old soul like my dad. the two of them could spend days at the front beach if we let them. they'd never come home and they'd smell of sweet salt. there is an infinite amount to discover... and the same amount of rocks to throw... so i completely understand.

the days at touisset were chilly, but the sun warmed us up as we searched for treasures at the water's edge. the wind was blowing rorie's unclipped hair and in most of the pictures we snapped she looked a lot like cousin it. oh well... we had fun!

after the beach we dyed and decorated eggs, played games, and rorie played with stickers. rorie still asks me to this day if she can color eggs- meaning with crayons. it's really cute.

the we had a fantastic lobster dinner. a staple when aaron comes to visit :) i get a lot of praise for bringing home a seafood lover!

it was a great weekend. this weekend rorie and i are sick. i've been sick since monday with a cough and irritated throat. rorie started to not sleep well at night and then had a fever yesterday. we spent most of the day on the couch watching shows and napping. her highest temp was 103.8, but we managed to get it down with a few home remedies and some medicine before bed. poor baby is still not feeling well today, but her temp has cooled off quite a bit. got any tips for a sick baby? or a sick pregnant mama?! i'd love to hear.

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