Wednesday, April 23, 2014


one of my oldest and dearest friends is briana. we met in 5th grade in chiang mai, thailand. we've been friends ever since. we've been through highs and lows. we've been through countless moves and now we are both wives and mothers. her friendship means the world to me. we are very, very different people when it comes to certain personality aspects. and in someways, we are exactly the same. i love that about our friendship. i always feel like no time has passed when we are together and miss her terribly when she's away.

briana is a great writer. she started a blog a while back and has recently asked for submissions for her series on marriage called "for better or for worse". i decided one night that something needed to flow out of me... and a submission was placed for a part in her series. i hope you like it. and i hope you check out her fantastic blog.


i really liked who we were when we first really met. we were counselors at a christian summer camp in new hampshire. it was the camp that i had grown up going to as a child all the way through high school. i had never desired to be a counselor when i was little. but somehow i worked up the courage my second semester of freshman year to send in my application and do that dreaded phone interview.

i met him my third summer working at camp. i was determined that this year i would focus on my campers and not get involved with anything having to do with romantic fuzzy feelings of the heart. that summer i did focus on my campers and had the best summer of my life with each of my cabins. i still keep in contact with many of them. those same campers are now graduating college this year.

but what i didn't expect was to fall madly in love.

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