Monday, April 21, 2014

EASTER 2014.

the easter bunny came to grandma & grandpa redding's house this year! last easter was fun (check out how short rorie's hair was!), but this easter has taken the cake! 

since rorie's tummy doesn't do well with chocolate we notified the easter bunny that she needed some extra special treats left around the house. and boy, does that easter bunny know what she's doing. rorie's eggs were filled with annie's bunny fruit snacks, stickers, fruit leatheroriginal goldfish, and mini muffins. she also got play dough, a new water bottle,  a stuffed friend, and a finger puppet. she was a happy little camper and kept wishing everyone a "happy easter". it was wonderful. 

after church we all went back to grandma's for a ham dinner and easter egg hunt. it was a great 1st holiday to have in our new area. we loved being such a short drive to family. i also really loved the easter message this year. i was worried beforehand that i would feel uneasy about the death of jesus, but the pastor's message reminded me that that isn't the end of the story! and that's something i needed to hear. i'm going to hold on tight to that message.

now we're back at home and ready to settle in and wait on a little man to make his arrival...


  1. I bet she had so much fun finding eggs and getting her basket! What a cutie! Miss you guys.

    1. she loved it :) i miss you so much!!!