Wednesday, April 16, 2014


on saturday afternoon we had the best experience while walking through town. as you may have seen on instagram, rorie loves to stop and watch the ballerinas. they have a spring performance at the end of the month, so there's been a lot of dancing. on this day we could hear the ballet music out in the square, so we asked rorie if she wanted to go see the ballerinas. of course she was game. so we unbuckled her and she hopped out of the stroller. the door to the dance studio was open and the dancers we actively practicing their routine. as we peeked in one of the male dancers told us we could come and sit in the window sill and watch. rorie had a smile pasted on her face. it was so wonderful to watch her light up. she heard the piano and violin music and thought it was the music from frozen-haha. she watched them toe-dance and twirl and then said "ee wana dance" and tried to squirm her way out of aaron's arms to join the girls on the dance floor. of course, we had to leave then because she wasn't going to get her way, but i will never forget how welcoming they were to us and how much she enjoyed everything about being in that humid dance studio.

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