Saturday, April 12, 2014


the above pictures really recap our last week and a half. overall it was great. i'm really starting to fall in love with our new town. it has a lot of great little shops and restaurants, a free bus system, and our neighbors tell us about the great things to come when it gets warm. like a farmers market, kids activities, and bands on thursdays. i can't wait for that! we've gotten a bank, signed up to be members at the local co-op food store, tried a church, and have ventured out to kid playgroups.

aaron worked his first 12 hr shift. we haven't had him gone during the day before because he only worked nights in chicago. it's weird that i prefer the night shift... but i do. he might actually be on night shift after orientation is completed.

the weather has been beautiful and rorie and i have gotten out a lot. it's been nice to use the stroller again. we've started to go to a library playgroup. little lady loves the library. we go at least 3 times a week and pick out new books and a movie. her first trip to the library was complete sensory overload. not only was it the first thing we have done with other little kids, but it was the first time we had been to the library. she was bonkers. running everywhere. excitedly taking books off the shelf. she could NOT focus on one thing. everything was new and exciting... and then her first structured playgroup. sit in a circle and sing a few songs, then sit for a book, then play with toys. our first time there we only got through the songs before rorie had to leave. she also did not sit for the songs. and not for my lack of trying. it's kind of hard when mama no longer has a lap for you to sit i don't really blame her. plus- she loves music and dances to it constantly... so that's exactly what she did. i was that mom who just lets her kid run around and be crazy. but i'm also that pregnant mom... so what do you expect from me? all the parents were chuckling at my dance-in-your-face child... and then she got overwhelmed when a kid next to us had a snack and she didn't and started screaming... so we had to leave in a fit of tears. don't worry... our second try at the playgroup was more than successful. we did leave about 10 minutes early... but that was because i was really hungry for lunch :) haha. true story.

we've been busy getting our house put together. two rooms in our new house are peach...trying my best to make our stuff work with peach. trying to fall in love with peach. it's actually looking pretty good in rorie & jacob's room, so that's a plus. i'm excited to share our place with you soon. 

we are getting ourselves ready for the summer guests and our new baby boy... who we are told is head down now! phew! i was actually a little worried... but he seems to be in a great position to make his appearance in a month and a half!

next week we will travel down to touisset to be with my grandparents and cousins for easter. i'm very excited to be back in RI and just have some quality family time. it's been a while.

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  1. I love that you still have that lamp in Rorie's room. It was in my parent's living room for forever, then our apartments, and now it's made its way all the way out to NH!