Thursday, March 6, 2014


“Give me neither poverty nor riches! Give me just enough.”
~Old Testament Proverb

sometimes you just need to hear that and hold onto it. 

i love posts like this about daughters & sons.
this post is full of information and ideas to think about revolving food and behavior. becoming kind of passionate about this topic in my own life and the lives of my babies.
absolutely love this post about travel. it's about family travel, but the ideas are solid for any person.
holding my belly laughing at this swimsuit post.
i love, love, love watching rorie play. i think it would be fun to add this and this to our toy collection.
looking to commemorate our time in chicago with a neat art piece. what are your thoughts on this one?

feeling pretty frail and worn out the past two days. lots of things and emotions weighing heavy on my heart. i'm feeling like i want to hide in my tiny apartment and be a hermit for the time being. maybe i don't want to deal? maybe i'm just physically & emotionally exhausted? possibly, both. who knows. i pray that my head is able to calm my nervous system and that i'll be able to be present for these last few weeks in the city.

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