Tuesday, March 11, 2014


i think i need to drink more water.

when i'm not very busy... when the day slows down or my to-do list is all crossed off... when i'm alone...when the babe falls asleep and the apartment is dark except for a string of twinkle lights... when it's silent and still... i go to a very sad and lonely place. at least right now. when i'm planning and preparing for a move. when i'm in my third trimester with my second. when i'm hungry like a beast. when i'm fragile and tired.

it's mostly my body that seems to be against me. in my head i know how silly it is to feel this way. how silly it is to worry and stress about things i can't do anything about. it's silly because i know everything will work out fine and perfect and for the absolute best. i know all these things and i trust very much in the lord and everything he is to me in every facet of the world i live in. but my poor, weak, human body is still freaking out... even though i know it's dumb.

so this week i'm focusing on drinking more water. it's a very small thing, but it's one constant thing that i can focus my whole mind on through these next two weeks. and it makes me feel better.

and plus... we all need more water.


  1. You are brave, Chelsea, and I love you tons. I can't wait to see you at dinner tonight.

    1. it is always wonderful to see you, K. i just love how you support me through it all :)