Saturday, March 15, 2014


i'm not sure if this post is about our last trip downtown or not. i'm typing in the early moments of this chilly morning. no one has stirred yet, but me. and i heard plans of trying to get ourselves downtown for the st. patty's day festivities this grand city is famous for. no idea if that will happen or not, so this post may or may not be about our last trip downtown.

our friday started off pretty normal. my sweet girl playing quietly in her room while the rest of my hooligans try and get themselves together. she's started to really play pretend. she sits and makes up situations, usually involving babies and needing to take care of them. little high voices accompany her and her plush playmates. it's very darling.

my brother and sister have been staying with me. my brother, for the past week, because it's his rowdy first college spring break. he's really going crazy with babysitting and watching breaking bad with me (haha... i secretly love it). and my sister is here because she's decided to stay in the city for the time being. her new lease starts right when ours ends- perfect. i think god placed them with me for this part of my life because i need my people. i'm very thankful for that.

so we ventured downtown yesterday, groupon in hand, to a place aaron and i found on a whim. Da Lobsta.

if you're a new englander (or one at heart) this is definitely a chicago spot to try out. our other chicago lobster joint is The New England Seafood Company. they are both worth trying out and i wouldn't say one is better than the other. they both offer different menu items, are located in different areas of the city, and generate a different feel when dining. 

on this particular day, we settled ourselves in for an afternoon of traditional lobster rolls, cape cod chips, mustardy coleslaw, fountain drinks, and a cup of clam chowder. it was really- my perfect meal. 

rorie had a great time running around the restaurant. it wasn't very big and it was full of business peeps having lunch, so we felt they needed some entertainment and just let her roam the place like she owned it. which she did. she only tried to get behind the counter once- win.

if you're looking for the best lobster roll in the city. i'd have to say- da lobsta. if you're looking for the best clam chowder- new england seafood company. if you're looking for the best lobsters to buy and make at home- new england seafood company. if you're looking for lobster rolls and then cupcakes for dessert- da lobsta. which is exactly what we did...

sprinkles cupcakes is literally a two block walk from da lobsta. and it's really hard to pass up... so we didn't. and you shouldn't either! take our word for it.

we drove home on lake shore drive while little miss fell asleep- high on lobster and cupcakes. one of the happiest combinations if you ask me. the water was SO BLUE. it was beautiful.

i keep trying to spill some of my secrets and tips for living in the city with my brother and sister every time we do something. one thing i've been talking about is how wonderful the city is during spring and summer. it's even more vibrant than the blue trip home on lsd. if you can even picture that. and they will.

this was definitely one of my favorite trips downtown. my maybe or maybe not last trip while living in the city.

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