Tuesday, March 18, 2014


this whole moving experience is really making me feel all sorts of crazy. i'm up. i'm down. i'm healthy. i'm stuffing my face with pizza. it's really ugly guys.

my biggest concern is that this is my first time doing this alone. as in, without my family. i've moved about 6 times in my life and then 5 times in/after college. that's 11 times that i've packed up my stuff and moved. the only difference this time... is that it's just me and aaron packing up our stuff. not me and the other 5 people in my family. not me and 15 of my burgh babes. just us.

and things keep happening that are out of my control- per usual, but right now they are really hitting me hard. troubles with getting our rental application approved, utility troubles, new house owner issues, our wii is broken, my internet keeps going out, aaron sprained his ankle, my toddler is running out of things to do because i keep packing her toys, my maternity pants don't fit, liquid laundry detergent spilled in the trunk of my car... i mean, a lot of these things are just ridiculous.


but yesterday was wonderful. i got to meet sweet ruby for the first time. she's the daughter of my friend, christine. the only one in our group to have a baby as of now. my large group of college girlfriends is called the burgh babes- after our IM basketball team- now we're working on our second team... the burgh babies. so far we have two with a third in the works.

we all gathered together in a wrigleyville apartment to have dinner together and pass around the sweet one month old. it was really great to get together again with my chicago family. and it's fun to see how our group is growing and changing with significant others, spouses, and babies. we've shared a lot of fun memories together and it really does keep getting better. i like that we are all in different places in life, too. it really makes me appreciate our differing experiences and perspectives. it's a beautiful thing i think.


  1. That really is a great picture! Not only because we are all smiling, but because of who's in it. And all of the experiences we've had together, our separate perspectives and all of the new growth and changes that are to come for us. I agree that it is a beautiful thing. Last night was fun - I wish we could gather every single burgh babe like that. Love you so much, Chelsea. Chicago will miss you too!