Saturday, March 22, 2014


1) start early. a few boxes each day starting a month or two before leaving helped me to not feel too overwhelmed. plus, packing and organizing is my thing. i don't consider it a chore. i mean, i even love to unpack the grocery bags and fold laundry (no, really...ask my mom) packing is sort of my "happy" place.

2) never buy boxes. we got our boxes from a grocery store. they have too many anyways and are happy to give them away for free. and a lot of them are really, really sturdy... it's great!

3) enlist the help of friends. we've got a good group of solid friends on both ends. i'm really thankful for that.

4) starbucks. i'm just saying... i've been giving them a lot of business because i'm 30 weeks pregnant and i'll miss my local java.

5) you can do it. a simple saying to keep me going. as well as talking to people about my feelings, fears, & worries. i'm a firm believer in community and know how healing it can be to spill your guts. i'm thankful for family & friends who care so much.

today we pack up. we prepare last minute details for our trip tomorrow out of our sleeping city we have called home for the past 8 years...


  1. Travel safe, and when you get to NH, if you need anything, you make sure to let me know :)