Tuesday, April 1, 2014


i've been going through the worst emotional roller coaster lately, but more on that later. i don't really want to even think back to the happenings of last week. i will in time... but for now... i'm moving on.

today i'm thinking about our sweet boy. we went to our new midwife last week and they think he is transverse or sideways in my belly. at this point... we want him to be head down. so think plummeting thoughts for him.

i've been looking at a lot of freezer recipes. i'm trying to find things that are dairy-free for the most part or paleo... since that's my preferred way of eating anyways. i've been doing really bad not eating dairy during this pregnancy. and i've been paying the price... but cheese and ice cream- it's just so good. i stumbled across this article about why cheese is so addicting. makes sense... dang cheese. anyways, i have had some very good luck with slow cooker recipes, muffin recipes, and a bunch of other goodies. i'm going to get started on a few to freeze later this week.

i've been doing a lot of unpacking and trying to get the house in order. rorie and jacob will eventually share a room and it's finally coming together as it is in my head. which is nice... since that hasn't been the case for the whole move here.

rorie and i are adjusting to life here as well. we really miss our friends back in chicago. she talks about sadie and eden often. which hurts my heart. thank goodness for letters, skype, and texting. my aunt, carin, and cousin, maggie, came over this weekend and rorie just soaked up the play time with maggie. i think we are in need of a playgroup... it's on my large to-do list.

now i'm going to rest... and eat a donut. did i tell you my neighbor is a donut shop? it's heavenly.


  1. what a gorgeous girl. sadie and i talk about you and her often too. miss you guys xoxo

  2. Praying for Jacob to get into position. I hope to catch you on gchat one of these days, so we can catch up. You are very missed here, my friend.

    1. love you, K! look for something in the mail from us :)