Monday, February 17, 2014


jackson and rorie met for the first time back in december 2012. so... it's been a while since these two have been together. this trip was kind of a first for rorie, because who remembers what happened to them or who they met when they were 5 months old? anyone? exactly. and mr. sullivan was born in the beginning of october, so we were all excited to meet him.

rorie was really enamored with sullivan. she loved to help out and give him hugs and kisses and tickle his feet. she was super gentle and always excited to see him. it makes my heart happy to know that we made the right decision to promote her to "big sister" in a few months.

rorie and jackson were extremely fun to watch. sometimes they were the most loveliest things to each other. seriously, adorable. and other times they really got on each others nerves. two very stubborn kiddos makes for a good time. i'm really glad we got to see everyone. it was seriously a nice trip, considering.

we are actively planning our move to NH now that we are back at home. boy, there's a lot to do. we leave on thursday for our first trip up to find a place to live and get a feeling for the area. i'm very excited. and also freaking out.

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