Thursday, February 13, 2014


as the title states, i'm going to boast about my baby girl. because it's valentine's day. because i love her to pieces. because i stare at her in awe and wonder when she plays and interacts with others. i have watched her grow and learn and develop into the most passionate, loving, out-going, silly, and empathetic little sweetheart. and she's only a year and a half. she is so in-tune with the world.

this morning i woke up much to early, but my boy in my belly and my race car of a mind kept me from my early morning slumber. so i got up and started working on a few things (and i read!) before little miss woke up. i really don't mind waking up early (when she is sleeping, of course) because i am extremely productive during this time. i always have been. i am a morning person through and through. when i did hear rorie start to rustle in her tiny room i slowly entered her room. it sounds like rain. it's warm and dark and full of wonderful smallness. i sang her the song i made up when she was born (one of many), "good morning, rorie. good morning, good morning, good morning. good morning, roro. good morning, good morning, good morning." she slowly wakes up to this and smiles at me as i put away the tiny space heater and turn off the sound machine. my song is always followed by some sweet greeting back from my tiny princess. like, "hi, mama", "hi, mam", "hi, hun-bear", or "hi (s)weet girl". then she'll roll over and try to find all her lost pacifiers and stand up and put them all in the basket one by one. this morning she counted to three. i was amazed, but not. because i know her. she already recognizes letters, numbers should be a piece of cake.

we start our day together softly and slowly. there's no need to rush anyways. the day is ours. i bring her to the changing table and ask if she slept well. she usually gets very excited and answers with a shrill, "yeeeaaah!" i change her diaper and she plays with a paperweight filled with water and blue oil and two dolphins. she asks where her daddy is and i tell her that he's sleeping because he's sick. he needs to go to the doctor today and get medicine. and we practice blowing our noses like we are sick like daddy.

i ask her if she wants to help mama make tea and she's always game. i made banana bread muffins last night so we have an early breakfast of muffins, strawberries, and bananas. complete with tea for mama and almond milk for rorie. sometimes we listen to the radio, but today we got to skype with grandma/bati and gracie kay. rorie was absolutely ecstatic to see them. gracie had to leave our skype date early to go pack for her trip to vietnam this upcoming week. she lives an adventurous life, you know. when we finished talking to grandma/bati we decided that we didn't want to change out of our pjs, so we are all still in them... at 1:30 in the afternoon. but it's snowing, so i think that's fine.

i wake aaron up at 8:15 am because i made an error in our travel plans and need his backup with little miss so i can fix it. we are good for each other in that way. we ebb and flow with our situations and play tag team with life. that's one way i know he's my forever boyfriend.

he watches rorie and i figure out our upcoming trip. she starts talking to him about our morning together. the time we spent, just me and her. she tells him he has to get his medicine and that gracie is packing. these are the only things she decides to tell him about our morning. and that make me the most proud of her. how does she, at a year and a half, remember any of these tiny details? i am amazed at my little girl, who's daddy decided that elephants would be her favorite animal when she was in my belly, who has the memory of an elephant. she never forgets. she doesn't want him to forget his medicine, because she remembers what it's like to be sick. she wants him to know that gracie couldn't keep talking to her, but it's because she had to pack. such important little things for such a tiny kid.

i don't know the person she'll grow into as the years go on, but if she's any more magical and brilliant than she is now... i'm going to burst with pride. and aaron and i made her. props to us. and happy valentine's day.

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  1. She is pretty great! So is her mama! Happy Valentine's day to you, Roro, Aaron, and Jacob!