Tuesday, February 18, 2014


i've been feeling really antsy the past two days. rorie started to not eat two days ago and told us she had a "tummy ache". which really is the cutest thing to hear her say. as clear as a bell. she was lethargic and sleepy. that night she threw up a few times in her bed. i was really glad i bought all the extra sheets from when she had reflux because we ended up changing her bed a lot that night. she hasn't gotten sick again, but she still constantly complains about her "tummy ache". ugh... this girl has had enough. i'm not going to lie... i do remember a very specific time in target when she went all ravenous cave woman on the shopping cart. must have picked up a few things from that. whateeev.

today she's been slightly better. she took two long naps and at little bits here and there throughout the day. yesterday it snowed all day and i plopped myself down to make us some more cloth wipes. i've been meaning to do it for a while and the perfect time and setting presented itself. it was absolutely what i needed. i'm not a sewer by any means. i can some what successfully sew in a straight line. so that's what i did. over and over. twice around each flannel wipe. i thought of my grandma who sewed our huge "sewing pile" each time she visited out house. i thought of the blankies she's knitted for each grandchild and now each great-grandchild. i thought of my mother who sewed me a ring sling in the dark during a power outage the hottest summer that rorie was born. i thought of the cloth wipes she meticulously sewed for me the days before rorie was to make her eventful entrance. i prayed for the women in my life who sew as i sat at my machine watching the snow fall steadily.

i also thought of my brother... who sewed a pillowcase out of boxer looking material when he was in high school. he was really proud of it and i'm not likely to forget that little bit of happiness he exuded.

i sat and sewed while aaron and mikayla entertained rorie in the front room. i listened to their laughing and jokes and funny voices they gave our stuffed creatures. i breathed in my whole world while sewing cloth wipes for our new edition. preparing for his arrival as best i can amidst a move.

i've been feeling really antsy the past two days. the preparation to find a place to live in NH is weighing heavy on my heart. i don't quite feel like i posses the adult-like qualities to do it on my own. i still wish i had my mom and dad to help me out with everything. i mean, my mom even helped me find the apartment we're in right now. i guess it's just time for aaron and me to branch out, become adults, and find our own place to live. let's be real... we are going to be parents of two soon.

so please keep us in your happy thoughts and prayers.( my happy thoughts were always supposed to help the red sox win. since there's a thick layer of snow over most of my world... i think it's ok to think of us instead)

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