Monday, January 27, 2014


right now, baby girl is sleeping. aaron is off at church playing basketball. i am watching the bachelor and waiting to get tired. i'm finally at the point in the day when my "job" is done. i kind of miss all my peeps. even my cats are sleeping...

today we were finally able to spend some family time together. in the morning we went to the gym. aaron and i watched rorie on our tv screens try to play with all the big kids who didn't have school and were lounging in the play room. they didn't really want to play with a one year old, but it was really cute to watch her never give up and be the sweetest thing to each and every one of them. we made pasta for lunch and had tacos for dinner. we played with all our toys, did the dishes twice, and finished all the laundry.

we read a lot of books today. aaron snapped the above picture right before we put little miss down for bed. i'm so thankful for it. rorie started to memorize books around her first birthday. she didn't know all the words, but she knew and memorized the tone in which we always read them. she would sit and "read" the books and it sounded exactly like the story. now she has the vocabulary to read the books to herself and say the words on the pages. if i pause and don't say a word, she will blurt it out and want me to continue reading. i'm not sure how many board books the average parent reads at bedtime, but we end up reading 7-10... and it's never enough for her. can we start chapter books yet?

right now, i'm tired. but goodness it's been a fulfilling day.

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