Sunday, January 26, 2014


i have a lot of friends who lead very different lives than i do. at least at this moment in our twenty-something lives. my friends have 9-5 jobs. they have friday night plans. and saturday night plans. they attend broadway shows and improv comedy. they sleep in on the weekends and rest when their work is done. they are constantly seeing friends and meeting up with people. they travel all over the country and the world. they live fantastic lives and sometimes i'm jealous of their freedom.

but most of the time i live in moments like the picture above. so picture perfect in my eyes. extremely simple. like cereal in the afternoon. not even a broadway show and drinks at a classy bar wearing fancy wedge heels could tear me away from these moments. this is my life. they are my freedom. i wouldn't want to miss this.

the cereal that spills from her tiny orange bowl. the way she can't sit still on that wooden chair to save her life. the way he keeps readjusting himself on the smallness of that chair. the way they take their bites so in-sync. the way they look at each other between bites and smile and laugh at each other... because they're sitting eating cereal together in the afternoon. it's perfect bliss.

i hope my friends all find perfect little moments in their own lives- sans babies or husbands or both. because those moments are there. they are in those friday night plans and sleeping in on the weekends. just as they are in my waking up early and reading the same book over and over and over again. perfect little moments. you'll miss them if you aren't paying attention. they're like the soft whispering presence of god- always there. are you looking? it's perfect.