Saturday, February 1, 2014


there's something you should know. within the month we will be packing up our little apartment. all the mess will head into a box. all the paintings and coloring pages will be filed away. we will travel and search for a new rental. we will come home for the last time and put everything into a big truck and drive away from the city we have called home for seven to eight years.

aaron got a job in lebanon, nh. he's been applying for jobs since he graduated from nursing school. we have never had a better hiring experience than the one we just had. it was a positive experience from the get-go, which made the whole process almost dream like. aaron is so excited to work for this hospital. he says it sounds like a dream. and that is a first for all the jobs he's had.

we have always known that the city of chicago was not where we were supposed to be. it has been a fantastic place to go to school, to begin dating each other, to move into our first apartment, and to be newlyweds. it's really been a fine place to live with a baby, too. we fit well in our tiny space, but it has a lot of hassles. it's not great for a family. it's actually become harder with each day of this pregnancy. so we know, in that way, we are making the right decision.

we are nature people. we are family people. we are summers at lake swanzey people. we are adventure people. so we looked for a place that would be all that and more for us. we think we've found it in nh. we surely hope so. because we are diving in head first and not looking back.

i'm actually really nostalgic now that we have the official news. i'm really, really excited about the move (don't get me wrong), but i've finally found my groove here. i've memorized streets and found my favorite places to eat. i have old friends and new friends. a gym and yoga membership. finally feel like i own the place... and now we're going to start over.

it's a little heartbreaking to know that rorie will be our only child who grew up in the city. my friend, briana, just went through a similar move last year before she had her son. it's extremely sad to know that my friends who helped me when rorie was a newborn will probably never be able to interact that way with jacob. my friends who brought me starbucks and held rorie while to tried to put myself together. my friends who went out to eat with me when i needed a break. my friends who would text me encouragement when i was down. my friends who showered us with gifts and love when our baby wasn't gaining weight. my friends who still try to invite me to things when 99% of the time i can't go. my friends who will come over to my apartment just to see us. i'm sad to be leaving them. to be leaving my small chicago support system. i'm already sorry that jacob, and whoever comes after him, will only get a little portion of the love we have here in chicago.

it's all bittersweet. but i'm glad it's that.   it could be way worse.

wish us luck on our new adventure!


  1. This is so exciting and I am extremely happy for you! I will certainly be praying :)

  2. So very excited to have you back on the East Coast!!!