Friday, January 3, 2014


1) so happy to be with my little lady in the warm air.
2) my most treasured picture of dash & rorie.
3) grandma's toys are such novelties.
4) building a grill with uncle sam-mee.

5) not interested in anything else but auntie gracie's noodles.
6) we all are partial to rides in the golf cart.
7) noodles for days. just the way we like it.
8) fresh grilled street corn.

9) our fried rice guy has memorized our order.
10) hydrating papa.
11) deciding on her purchases at the weekend market.
12) new ACDC shirt and browsing for more.

13) little miss blue eyes.
14) she adores them.
15) leaving the market with papa. exploring everything she can get her hands on.
16) "where's andy?"

17) always wanting to play chinese checkers.
18) big cat and rorie jamming in the morning sun.
19) christmas eve men.
20) merry christmas, jack-jack.

21) our favorite ornament of all time.
22) the beautiful mess that is christmas morning.
23) morning muay thai with papa on the beach of cha am.
24) our beach beauty.

25) peek-a-boo!
26) i may or may not have jumped for joy when finding this roti man.
27) a young thai man gave rorie his phone with cartoons on it to watch during dinner. only in thailand.
28) little miss is starting to feel a little under the weather.

29) we tried to go see elephants. but little miss was getting more and more ill at every step.
30) she held on for as long as possible. our little trooper.
31) this rorie was around for a while. i think it's looking up today… more than a week later.

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