Friday, December 13, 2013


it's almost comical when i look back on all that we've gone through this past month (and even before then).

i've had morning sickness- typical. to send off my morning sickness with a bang i got a 24 hour flu. the toilet and i became close once again, i couldn't keep water down, and my skin dried up like the desert. luckily i had some friends to take care of little miss. then a sore throat followed without skipping a beat. and then a cough a week later. and now, 18 hours before we hop on a plane: little miss has diarrhea and a fever and slept maybe 3 hours last night. we leave in 2.5 hours. our pediatrician said it was probably good that i was more nonchalant about this that he was. like i said... it's almost comical.

on a happier note: we are having a baby boy! we found out on wednesday. while we were walking into the hospital we kept asking rorie what she thought it would be. a boy or a girl? and she repeated "boy. boy. boy. boy". at the appointment, the ultrasound tech said, "it's a boy." rorie's response was, "a boy! a boy! a boy! a boy! oh-no." couldn't have been any better.

to celebrate baby boy we stopped at a mall and visited santa and ate dinner at p.f. changs. when we got home i let rorie hold one of the 3 santa pictures we received. she happily ran around the apartment and i started working on a few things for our trip. i hear a noise from the bedroom and rorie walks out with the biggest eyes and the saddest face, shaking her head, "no. no. no".

the noise was the shredder. and baby girl had shredded the picture of her and santa.

i still can't keep it together when i think about her reaction. hahaha.

so that's what we've been up to. please hold us in your prayers for a safe and healthy flight to thailand. i think we're going to need it.

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  1. She put it in the shredder?? Had she ever seen it in use before? I find that so odd. Poor Rorie.
    Have a wonderful wonderful trip!