Monday, August 26, 2013


a messy dinner leads straight to the tub. at least for rorie. she hates to be cleaned off. i'm not sure where this hatred of cleaning her hands and face after a meal came from. she certainly loves to get clean in the tub. ah, my independent firecracker. whose ways i haven't yet begun to fully understand. we are getting closer to understanding each other. she talks an awful lot. and a lot of it i just can't understand. not because she's not trying to get her ideas across. there's no lack of trying on her part. it's just a language barrier. and that's something i'm familiar with. not being able to understand someone seems like everyday life. my family has experienced language barriers in almost every place we have lived- including here in chicago. and now my mother has successfully traveled back to thailand. possibly for the last time in our family's career of moving all over the world. it's a very exciting life we lead. the places we've traveled, the people we've met, the language barriers we've crossed, the food we've eaten. it's exciting. i wouldn't change it for the world! but... i really do miss her when she leaves. i will miss the moment in this photo. something so simple. a bath. my mother bathing my baby in as the sun bathes them. the splashing, laughing, and "quack! quack!" of bath time.

and the comfort of having my mom with me.


  1. <3 lots of love your way Chelsea. You are a great mom and as well you have had a wonderful teacher/example by your mom. May God continue to bless you on this journey.

  2. Oh, Chelsea, this makes me cry. I was just thinking about how I miss time like this with Rorie. It was a fabulous summer and I'm so grateful that we were able to be together as much as we were!!! I love you and miss you VERY much.