Thursday, August 22, 2013


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it's been a couple of years since my whole side of the family has gotten together to take a big family photo. i think the last time was at our wedding in 2011! and we've grown by one since then!so we snatched up the camp photographer, the beautiful and talented kelsey stevens, and spent the afternoon on the golf course snapping shots and making each other laugh. true to form, the photographs turned out amazing. we are blessed to have these moments forever captured on film (well... an SD card, but you get what i'm saying). 

i highly suggest taking a look at some of her other work and supporting her as she starts her college career here in the city. 

i love this behind the scenes picture of everyone trying to get rorie's attention, captured by my aunt:

rorie was such a trooper. we scheduled our photo shoot at her nap time. 

and here's my favorite: 

my family cracks me up!

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