Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We just got home from our trip to the east coast. This time Aaron had to stay home, so we made the best of it just her and I. It was pretty hard being all by myself with her... but we conquered two plane rides more than successfully, visited lots of friends and family, and she ate more food than I have ever seen her eat before. She's loving on solids. Squash, sweet potato, green beans, apples, prunes (girls best friend), and banana is what she's gobbled up so far. Every few days we throw in a new one. It's fun to watch her face change expression when a brand new food hits her tongue for the first time.

Baby girl is also figuring out how to crawl. Some mornings I'll open her little door and catch her on all fours steadying herself. She gets a big grin when I come in and wake her up for the day, but when she's on all fours she's as serious as anything. Total focus. It's adorable. I love that she doesn't really ever cry when she wakes up.

And... her first tooth popped through! It's a sharp little thing. I'm not so sure how I feel about this new chapter of our lives...teeth. Because baby girl likes to gnaw. And gnaw hard. So we will see. For now, she's surrounded by things to chew on.

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