Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ups & Downs of 28 Weeks

On Friday I celebrated 28 weeks. Every week is such an accomplishment. Last week I was told I looked small for 27 weeks. This week I was told that it was obvious that I grew. So... at least we know she's growing. I can definitely tell she's growing. In just the past few days her kicks have become much stronger and have happened more often. Usually, I would only really feel her moving around when I was going to bed and in the early morning. Now, it's all day. Not constantly, but she's much more awake than before.

I've been suffering from horrible back pain. It's not something that just happened. I've had this same back pain in the same spot since high school. I'd like to blame Tae Kwon Do, but it really just came out of nowhere one day. So I found myself going to a Physical Therapist who specializes in women. She's such a ray of sunlight. I could talk to her all day and I feel like she genuinely cares about me, my baby, and my health. I've learned that I have flexible hips, which is a good and bad thing. Good- because she can easily align them. Bad- because they can easily become un-aligned again. I've learned that I have one leg a little shorter than the other. This isn't uncommon. Probably everyone has some length difference. But this tiny difference in me has not helped in my back pain. I've been given some stretches and strengthening tips which seem to help, but they're going to take time. I've been given a support belt- which helps hold my hips together and supports little Ro-Ro. And I've had my shoulder taped up like the beach volleyball women (and probably other sports too... but I just saw a picture of them and they had their shoulder tapped up just like me...made me feel 'cool').

I also learned at my doctor visit that my wedding and Easter weekends were not kind to me. I managed to gain 11 lbs. in one month. I'm guessing this happened in more like 1.5 weeks... but I'm not going to tell the doctor that. It makes sense for one to go from never eat candy/fast food to eating almost all the candy in the house in one sitting and a lot of fast food on road trips... anyone would gain weight. But I've got to think of my little girl and how that eating probably affected her. So I've been 'watching' what I eat. Which really means I've just been trying to eat natural and unprocessed foods- things that I like anyways. But just hearing the doctor tell me I've gained too much weight in 1 month kinda hit me hard... so I was feeling down for a little bit. I'm hoping my mood picks back up because the very gray and sunless Friday did not help brighten my spirits.

Anyways... I'm still anxious and scared for her to come. I think a lot about how in a few months I'm going to have a baby that is mine. I'm not going to have to give her back at midnight. I'm not going to have to text someone else to tell them how she's doing (unless someone asks!). I'm going to have control over what she eats. She will be mine. And that fact scares me a lot and makes me super excited. It's hard to be on that spectrum... it's very wide!

Lastly, we've created Rorie's Wishlist if anyone is interested in it (: I've talked to so many moms and the things you need... let me tell you... well... I guess you can look.

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