Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Packed Three Weeks Recap

I've been a little non-existent in the blog world for the past three weeks. The McDowell's have just been busy! So here's what's been happening and what we've been up to:

Week 1: I got sick. It's still a mystery as to what I was ailed with. It started with a sore throat/lymph node. Then I added a fever. Having a fever and being pregnant was really scary. It was also scary because I felt like my body was swelling up because I was so hot. The highest I got was 103.4. This happened in the middle of the night and I woke Aaron up and told him my temperature and he told me it was fine. So I sat there really confused thinking, "I don't think this is fine, but if he says it's fine...". Apparently he doesn't remember any of the night time conversation. So I spent the next day battling my sore throat, fever, and added headache and absolute tiredness. I finally got into the doctor's office and was put on antibiotics. Usually you feel a little better after the first day of antibiotics... well, it took me the full 10 days to start feeling better. I'm still having sinus issues, but I'm MUCH better. What did I learn? Don't ask Aaron for medical advice in the middle of the night (or fully wake him up before doing so!). Being sick while pregnant is scary and tricky and takes a lot more out of you.

Week 2: We traveled to MN for my cousin's wedding. We stopped in WI and spend a day at Aaron's house. We got to hang out with some of his friends and I think he had a great time catching up with people. One of his friend's and his wife are expecting a little boy (same due date as us) so it was fun to talk about babies with him. The wedding was sick. I hadn't seen my cousin Hannah since we were 17.
She had her wedding at my cousin Brianna's husband's vintage car shop (http://hookedonclassics.com/). It was a sweet spot to have a wedding. My Grandpa Olson performed the ceremony and it may not look like it, but it was very traditional. I liked that about it. Here are two of my favorite pictures (my face looks VERY pregnant in the family shot...ooooh well!)

Another fun aspect of the wedding was being able to see my new cousin Wyatt, or Spider as he's more affectionately called by his Momma (: He was quite the trooper for his first wedding! And Rorie was glad to "meet" him.

On the way home we put Cago in the car and he hid under my seat. I figured he was ok. I would check on him every time we stopped, pet him a bit, and let him keep sleeping. UNTIL... I realized that he was shaking uncontrollably and scared out of his mind. I yanked him out from under the seat and he clung to me like a child. It was really sweet and I was glad that I could bring him some comfort. What a silly cat.

Week 3: Easters! After coming home from our wedding weekend we spent a couple days working and getting ready for our next trip: Iron Mountain, MI. Aaron's family threw us a cute baby shower. Rorie officially has many pink colored clothes to choose from. We got to see both sets of Grandparents and many new family members (new to me!). It was a great weekend.

So now we are back. Rorie has been growing a lot. I can tell because she is getting really strong when she moves around. Aaron has been able to feel her move a lot. It's really fun to watch his eyes light up when she kicks at his hand really hard. We also found out that her new favorite (or first favorite?) song is Call Me Maybe. She kicks around for the whole song and then stops when the song is over. It's very cute. 26 weeks in... and I still can't wait for her to come!

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