Monday, March 19, 2012

23 Weeks

Happy 23 weeks to the babe in my belly! I learned this past week that if one eats almost an entire bag of spicy nacho Doritos... the baby will move like a crazy girl. Fun for the parents... but I'm thinking I won't do that again because it's just mean.

So far it's been quite a whirl wind of an adventure. Each day is different. Some days I'm on top of the world, fantasising about when I'll be holding a baby on my chest and not Elle (: Some days I'm in so much pain. From headaches to back aches to foot pain (both of my feet really do hurt) to neck pain I'm dealing with it all. Some of it is pain I've experienced a lot growing up: the headaches and back pain. Sometimes it is only one pain and other times it's everything all rolled into one on a cloudy day.

Pregnancy is just a normal everyday life pumped up on hormones. I've found myself laughing a lot, starring at my belly, crying at a television show and then thinking about how far away my family is to something that made me sad in high school to the fact that I no longer live in Thailand to the fact that there's no milk in the house and I want some but I have no energy to the fact that Aaron is working and I want to whine to him about how how I'm feeling to the thought that I don't think I can do this any more and Rorie just needs to get out right now so we can just start...and all because I have a few more pesky hormones than I used to. It makes for good naps after the crying stops (:

The weather has definitely helped make me feel better these days. It's nice to have my windows open (but only on the top otherwise the cats claw at the screens to get at the bugs or invisible nothingness that makes them want to launch themselves through the screens) and feel a breeze throughout the apartment. It's so wonderful to watch the buds on the trees FINALLY come out! I missed leaves SO much! And the bulbs are starting to bloom! I just love flowers! I'm just really glad it's not cold and winter anymore... and I'd never thought I'd say that.

This Thursday will be 24 weeks and we head to the doctors again. It's always a fun little adventure.

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  1. So... spicy nacho Doritos make Rorie act like her Mommy does after energy bagels??!!?!!!