Monday, January 30, 2012

The Good Times...

So I've found myself becoming extremely nostalgic lately. Not that this is anything new. I could sit in a room with my closes friends, family members, people from camp... and just reminisce about the past. I could do that for hours, days probably. Sit and talk and replay all the good memories and not get a single thing done. And I find that we do that naturally as a group of friends anyways. It's the memories we have that bond us together.

Last night I lay in bed telling Aaron about all the stuff I used to play on the computer as a child. These things included: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Putt-Putt (this was a game probably given to Sam), Madeline, I Spy, and Rocket (some game about a girl in high school). As Aaron dozed off, I continued to reminisce and felt extreme happiness while thinking about how I used to just love playing these games. I have many other memories of things that would bring about the same feeling, but last night I was thinking about computer games... and I'm ok with that. And since that night, I've watched a few episodes of the Ashlee Simpson Show on YouTube... flashback to summer 2004.

Now I'm up late and can't sleep. I am pregnant. I'm starting to feel it more and more everyday. I am exhausted and my heartburn is horrible at night. I can almost no longer sleep on my stomach, my most favorite position, and know I'm going to have to give that up all-together very soon. My stomach is prickly on the inside... a sure sign that my ligaments are stretching and getting ready to stretch even further. It's a weird sensation that I can only describe as prickly, because it doesn't hurt, but it doesn't feel good either. I also can't eat as much as I want to. This has been a problem for me for a long time. I eat dinner at night to the extreme and then I'm just so full. Well... now I'm not just full, but I'm uncomfortable, extra bloated, and have heartburn attached to it. Goodness...

Now pregnancy is wonderful... I'm just having a rough time easing into it (:

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  1. I used to play a putt-putt game on the computer too! I would spend hours trying to get holes in one on every hole.