Sunday, March 6, 2011

Half Done

It's Sunday. And it's a week before my Spring Break. This time last year I was getting ready to bring Aaron home to Purcellville, Virginia for the first time. This year I'm writing lesson plans, applying to student teaching, finishing up work for an art show, and searching for a one bedroom apartment and a wedding dress. In one year my life has changed quite a bit.

On Friday, my Mom is coming from China to spend my Spring Break with me. It will be so good to see her.  She deserves it too... because my Dad has got to come visit twice. It's funny how they visit me more now that they live in China (: Next week we will hopefully find me and Aaron an apartment to live in when we get married (I'll live there until we're married and he'll live with Rob & Ross). We will also hopefully find me a wedding dress. That's the plan for now.

This week I'll be finishing my work for my art show. It's on the 25th! So don't forget! 5-7pm. On Tuesday I have my last critique of my work with my seminar class. I'm not completely finished, so hopefully they'll give me some good advice on what direction to take for the final pieces. This is all so new to me!!!

Well, that was a much needed update on what I'm up to. I miss everyone who's far away from Chicago. Come back soon.

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