Monday, February 28, 2011

My 23rd Birthday Recap

1) Seeing my Dad. The weekend before my birthday my Dad got to go on a business trip last minuite. Luckily, he could choose to fly out of Chicago and see me for the weekend! I picked him up on Saturday morning from O'Hare and we spent the weekend shopping and hanging out. We went to Giordano's and Sticky Rice for my birthday dinners with Aaron. It was so great to see him. I miss my family so much.

2)Skyped with Mom, Dad, Sam, Grace, Dash, & Jack-Jack. Speaking of missing my family... we planned to Skype at 8 in the morning on my birthday. And what a great way to wake up! They were so funny and it was just perfect for my 23rd! Gracie made everyone green 23 hats and they sang "Happy Birthday" to me twice (the first time their sound didn't work, but I knew what they were doing!!!). I also got to see my puppy Dash and our fat cat Jack-Jack. I got some funny shots of them while we talked. I sure miss those guys.

Singing me "Happy Birthday" from China.

Sam started being really silly.

And then he captured my Mom with his shirt (:

3) Pre-Breakfast Chocolate. I always want to do special things for my birthday. One year I had cake for breakfast. It was fun, but then I got a tummy ache which was not so fun. For my 23rd, I had some chocolate for pre-breakfast... and it was very delish. And I didn't get a tummy ache (:

4) Panera with Aaron. I joined the MyPanera club this summer and got two free pastries and a free coffee for Aaron. Free Birthday Breakfast!

5)Went to Borders and Target. Borders is going out of business and Target has some cute of course I went there. It was so fun to look around at everything.

6) I got 23 kisses on my cheek from my FiFi (: Made me giggle and smile. Enough said.

7) Nap with my kitties. This is something I will never get sick of. They are so cuddley and warm and the most perfect little things to take naps with... especially when you are trying to kick the strep.

8) Grey's Anatomy Season 2 on Netflix. I've started watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning and it's been like a brand new show and a best friend. I watched episode after episode last week in my big comfy bed and I think I might be cured of strep because of how awesome Grey's is.

9) Watched Teen Mom (woo!). Another TV show that helped me kick the strep. I love this show. And that is that. And watching it on by 23rd birthday in bed, sick, was just great medicine.

10) MEDICINE! Actual medicine! I took my lovely medicine to cure my not so lovely strep throat and it was wonderful.

11) Call from Mickey D. My sister Mikayla called me and sang me "Happy Birthday". That's two songs in one day! She's just the greatest. I love the birthday song because it's just such an awkward tune (:

12) Ate at Rockwells TWICE. I first went on my birthday with Kristin, Emily, Lindsey, Nina, Lindsay, Kiera, and Kari. Then on Friday I went with Aaron, Rob, Beth, Lindsey, Pete, and Ross. That day we really celebrated 3 birthdays! Ross and I have the same birthday and Pete's birthday is today! Oh, how I love Rockwells!

13) Emily got me 23 presents! It was just a little bag, but it sure held a lot of really cool stuff! She's so creative (: my little nurse friend. Here's a picture of some of the things:

 14) Kiera's Card. I look forward to these cards like it's nobody's business. And not just on my brithday. On EVERYONE'S birthdays... they are just the best and always make me laugh. I love it, Kiera!

15) I saw McGrady on the TV. Right after Kiera performed my birthday card... I saw McGrady on the TV! And his name was in my card! So it was perfect timing.

16) Birthday Brownie. A yummy birthday brownie signaled the end of our meal at Rockwells. I think desserts are so much better shared (:

17) Two tickets for a dinner cruise. My Grandparents got me two tickets for a Chicago dinner cruise. I've always wanted to go on a dinner cruise here, but never could. I'm very excited to pick a date to go and enjoy a ride on the lake off of Chicago.

18) 23 postcard birthday message from Christine. I love this. Christine sent me 23 postcards each with one letter on them. AND... they amount to 23 different postcards! And they are on all vintage postcards (probably from her house) and I just love it. Thank you so much Christine!

 19) Birthday/Valentines mug. Ever since Valentine's Day I had been looking at this mug at Starbucks. I thought it was so cute. I love mail. I love sending and getting it. And I think this mug is just the best. And what makes it even better is that Aaron bought it for me WHILE I WAS WITH HIM! And the best part is... I didn't even know he did it. He is sure getting really sneaky (:

20) Birthday card from Work. Nina made me a birthday card at work and had all my little kiddies sign it for me. It was wonderful and I love it! Thanks Nin!

21) Birthday presents from my cousins. It was wonderful to get Target and Panera giftcards and TWIZZLERS for my birthday, three of my very favorite things in life. And I love the homemade cards they sent (:

22) Shanti & Anna Cookies. Two little girls from work made me sugar cookies with sprinkles. They were delicious and SO cute! And they were so excited to give them to me, it was adorable.

23) I'M REALLY 23!!! It's true, here's to my favorite number, which always makes me happy, and a new year of fun (: Oh, 23.

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  1. love this post, Chels! and I love birthdays :) and I love you too!!