Sunday, December 5, 2010

This Week

This past week has been my craziest week. I worked 37.5 hours this week and babysat twice.

My time working this past week has been...interesting. I've been happy, stressed, angry, surprised, upset... all the emotions an emotional roller coaster might contain. Here's some highlights of my crazy week:

"Chelsea, guess what?!"
"I'm watching Bambi the Red Nose Blinking Nose."
"Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer?"
"Yep, tonight."
"I don't celebrate Christmas, but I wish I did because I LOVE SANTA."
(Said by a Jewish kid in the class)
"You like Justin Beiber? Ew... he's so ugly!"
(4 year old)

Things I had to explain to a teacher at the daycare:
1. What a dreidel is. She is having the children sing a song about dreidels and have me make 24 cardboard dreidels, yet after making 12 she wondered what the symbols on the sides were. SO I HAD TO EXPLAIN WHAT IT WAS. (this makes me really, really mad and makes me feel good that I'm educated enough to know things before I make a fool out of myself...but really just makes me really, really mad.) Then she teaches the children to hold the dreidels upside down while dancing, another thing that I had to correct her on. She had no idea how a dreidel was even used. And these are the people teaching the children of America. Great.
2. Same teacher... is doing a Swedish song. Great, good for here... culture the kids. Not so good, when we're making props for them to hold and she is attempting to paste a popsicle stick to a Sweden flag vertically. I asked, "Is that a Sweden flag?" She looks at it and says yes. I say, "then it goes like this" and turn is a flag. She says, "it doesn't go like this?" And turns is vertical again. I ask, "Is that a flag?" She says yes. So I say, "then it goes like this," and turn it horizontal again. HOLY CRAP. Then she tells me it's a good thing I was there to tell her that.

So...those are the highlights of my week. The kids say the funniest things and I work with idiots. What else is new.


  1. those quotes are hilarious! and really, who ever that teacher is needs to quit.

  2. oh shi-thead got to love it.